Help Me Choose my 1st LV!

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  1. Hi all,
    I've never owned an LV purse (only Gucci & Chanel) and I was wondering what purse would be a good "My 1st LV" kind of purse. So far I've been looking at:

    - Galliera PM
    - Stresa PM
    - Tivoli PM/GM (Haven't decided which would be a good size yet)

    Please help me!
  2. Galliera PM!!!!!!
  3. Stresa or Tivoli
  4. I love the stresa!!!!!!!
  5. Galliera PM!
  6. Tivoli GM
  7. i'd go w the's comfortable, roomy, & beautiful...the lining inside is nicer than the stressa...and imo the tivoli isn't as comfortable...
  8. Tivoli GM:smile::smile::smile:
  9. Galliera gets my vote
  10. Galliera for sure!
  11. Trevi :graucho:

    But out of those, the Galleria.
  12. Stresa!
  13. Whichever makes your heart beat the fastest!
  14. All 3 are great, but I'm biased. I have the Stresa so that gets my vote. But I also want an azur Galliera for summer so that's a close second one!
  15. I'd choose TIVOLI! GM or PM both are great bags! GL with your choice! :yes:
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