Help me choose my 1st designer handbag!

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  1. Hey! I am looking to buy my first designer bag and thinking Gucci or mulberry! Like a tote or camera bag?
    Ideally one that can go day/night and probably black or tan?

    Please help!!! It is to celebrate stopping drinking alcohol a year on Friday! 22nd! Lifestyle change and I need to acknowledge the achievement!

    Any help would be so appreciated!


    Lal x
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  2. What a good idea! Have done almost the same, 19 years ago I stopped smoking cigarettes. A year after I rewarded myself with an oak Bayswater. I really wouldn't advice you on the bag, though, as I know nothing about you or your style, but I would opt for a classic. And personally I would go for a Mulberry, always. But that's my personal taste!
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