help me choose my 1st classic flap~~

  1. i have no idea which one i should take ... they'r all gorgeous!!!!

    1 vintage calfskin flap ( SS06 collection )
    2 TWEED
    4 CAVIAR ( i don't c any differece with lambskin and caviar, anyone knows? )

    5 heart fabric flap
    6 2.55
    7 calfskin double flap...

    help me !!!!!!!! plz....
  2. also , i like the Mademoiselle ~
  3. i think u should go for the caviar:love: :love: ...
    easier to take care of..

    good luck and show us pics:yes:
  4. the 2.55 IS the classic flap bag (2.55 = february 1955 date of creation).
    I am in love with the look and touch of the lambskin, but it´s super fragile....:sad:
  5. The Mademoiselle line (the one with the vertical quilting) comes in the clutch, small camera, medium camera, and flap. It's from Fall/Winter 05 so some of the styles are completely sold out, especially the black (they also come in celadon, a greenish white). I was told they will bring back the style for Fall/Winter this year, though.
  6. Go for caviar, its more durable and scratch resistant..
  7. caviar, i just get mine !!!
  8. I just bought mine from the soft vintage ligne and its the best Chanel flap ever!
  9. I just got a caviar too, it's easy to take care of and I don't have to constantly worry about scratches!
  10. What do you want to use the bag for? Everyday? Or a special occasions bag?
  11. I vote for the 2.55 classic flap in caviar, medium or large. :love:
  12. i would get caviar. i love my lambskin, but i'd like to get a caviar one for everyday use. i only take my lambskin one out occasionally
  13. For your first, go with Caviar.

    Why? Because caviar is more resistant and will last longer. It is def. a great first bag as an introduction to Chanel
  14. I agree with everyone's rec of caviar for everyday use.
  15. I agree def caviar, thats what I got as my first. The lambskin is lovely and soft, but even the pieces in store the SAs showed me already were scratched etc ie not absolutely perfect, just goes to show that it can be easily scratched and ruined - even when its just in store and shown to customers. Whereas caviar is more durable.

    I considered tweed, but figured that for the price I would rather get real leather, hence the caviar.