Help me choose my 1st (2nd, 3rd and 4th!) CLs

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  1. Hi, all. I've been lurking in the CL sub-forum for a while, and am finally ready to take the plunge. I'm still learning the styles and what's available in what material. There are a lot of shoes that I want, but I am honestly not sure if they were made. Can you help me? I am trying to build a versatile, yet stunning CL collection. Easy!

    Black Jazz or Black Patent Decolletes - Love this shoe! It's what brought me to CLs. I know that the Jazz are pretty much impossible to find, but am hoping to find the black, grey and/or camel patent. Does the patent stretch? Is this shoe available in non-patent leather anymore? I have tried the patent on in a 40, but there's a 39.5 that I am lusting over and would go for if they stretch a bit.

    Yoyos - I would love to find this shoe in wine patent in the 100mm heel height. Does this exist? And this would be the straight heel, not the sculpted, right?

    Platform sandal - The style name starts with an X. It's the wood and rope platform sandal. I think it would be a great shoe to wear all summer. Does anyone know how the sizing on this shoe runs? I waited too long and missed my size range at Saks and Barneys.

    Metallic - Would love a gorgeous metallic CL. I'm thinking the bronze or rose gold VP, but I have a wonky baby toe and issues with the NP. Not sure if I can wear the VP, and haven't had a chance to try them on. Any other suggestions for a great metallic shoe? I thought about the Lady Gres and am hoping to try those soon!

    I am heading to NYC in a couple of weeks and am hoping to find a lot of these styles and have the opportunity to try them on at one of the boutiques or Saks/Barneys/etc.

    Does this sound like a good plan of attack? I definitely would like the Decolletes to be my first, but want to add the Yoyos, the platform sandals and a metallic CL within the next few months. Any suggestions you can offer are greatly appreciated. I do know from reading this forum that you have to pounce when you find what you want! Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance for any and all guidance. :flowers:
  2. I think you are heading in the right direction with the choices you have made. Going to Saks in NYC will be a good start. A lot of what you listed (black & camel patent Decollette, wine 85mm curved heel Yoyo, Xantarina, metallic VP) is/was carried by them and if they do not have your size they could do a search for you. You should also head to the boutiques if you have time. Take your time in trying on each style shoe so that you will know your sizing for future reference. Stick to your plan because it is easy to get swayed to get more than you set out for. Good luck!
  3. Surlygirl, those are all great choices and they will amass to a beautiful collection. I especially love the VP's b/c they are really pretty and comfortable. I've got the Xatrinxia sandal back-ordered. Leefi mentioned that she loves her and they were TTS for her.
  4. Welcome surly~

    It looks like a great plan of attack... :yes: The Decollete will be a fantastic first for you, since it's so classic and beautiful. :love: Yoyo is such fun, and because of the range of colors, you might walk away with more than the wine...;)
  5. Thanks, Lavender, lychee and xnplo! I'm really excited to go the CL boutique and to visit the huge shoe salon at Saks.

    Do the wine yoyos in 100 or 110 even exist? I prefer the straight heel to the sculpted heel.

    Also, does anyone know which CL boutique is closer to Saks? Not that I can't go to both, but I want to maximize my shopping time. Thanks!
  6. Surlygirl, you are on the right path. You might even want to contact an SA at one of the stores to see if they will be there and can pull some sizes for you, especially if they sizes are in short supply. You can check the SA thread based on the stores you will be visiting.

    I am almost positive that the burgandy yoyo's come in the 100mm height and it is the straight heel.

    Patent does not stretch like kidskin. Some have said they stretch a bit. I only had 1 pair of patent shoes before I got my decolletes last week so I can't testify one way or another.

    The lady gres will probably be hard to find. I know Saks had some pairs in black kidskin available a few months ago, but between their promotions don't know if they are still available and I think they were out of the grey kidskin.

    Have fun in NY.
  7. I agree, the Decolletes are the perfect first pair.
  8. Looks like you're on the right path in getting a diversed CL collection. Have fun shopping!

    I'm not sure about the straigh heel for the Wine YoYo, but I know for sure that Saks had them in the 85mm with curved heel, b/c I was gonna get them.

    For the VP in metallic, you can get the Silver that *Lo just posted. They're TDF!
  9. surlygirl, as everybody already said, seems like you have a great idea of what you want. Now, it just comes down to sizing and availability.

    Re: the decolletes, if Saks doesn't have them in your size, Barneys got in a shipment in black patent I believe and NM also has some random sizes floating around. I got my black patent decolletes about a month and a half ago from NM so just an FYI.

    Barneys also has a gold leather VP. Saks has them in silver leather and the nude metallic leather. And, some large sizes are available in the bronze leather lady gres at CL Beverly Hills as of a few days ago.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  10. Thanks ronsdiva, danicky, wantmore and ashakes! I am going to call around this week so that I can start tracking down my size. I would hate to get to New York and not be able to find anything. I just really want to try them on before buying and usually can't find the styles or sizes locally. I'll definitely keep you all posted! And I'm sure I'll have more questions, too. :shame:
  11. Sounds like a great plan of attack! I look forward to hearing updates and seeing pictures. GL :heart:
  12. sounds like a great plan of attack!! :tup: can't wait to see all of your pictures.
    like lychee already mentioned, the Xatrinxia run pretty true to size. I am a bigger 39 and the 39 (american 9) fit me perfectly! since there are not half sizes on this heel, I'd go for your true to size!!

    hope you find everything that's on your wishlist! :smile:
  13. wow..surly,you have done your research...have fun shopping for CLs
  14. I thought I read some where that the wine red yoyos only came in a 85mm sculpted heel? Please correct me if I'm wrong because I would also love a pair of with a straight heel in 100mm or 110mm.

    Surly: Try to call them ahead of time to order the shoes you want, they can have the shoes transfer to the store you'll be at so you can try them when you're there. As the lady gres in metallic, that is a pretty hard shoe to find. I think it came in bronze and all sold out now. My decolletes feels like they have stretched a bit (black jazz) so I'm not sure if I should got 1/2 down when ordering my decolletes because the one full size up was very comfy when I first got them.
  15. surlygirl - Sounds like you already have a good idea of what you're looking for... Can't wait to see pics! :flowers: