Help me choose!!! Muse or bayswater?

  1. I'm in a bag dilemma now. I adore mulberry bayswater bag in its classic look but not too formal but i heard many complaints about its weight and curly flap. I have Paddington and can stand its weight.

    For Muse, i love the style but worry about its formal look because i usually dress casually.

    I'm 25 years old and normally wear jeans and shorts.

    I will go to buy one bag definitely this week but i can not make up my mind which one to choose.

    Please help me pick one...



  2. Tough decision, love both but if forced to pick at gunpoint, I'd go with the Bayswater.
  3. Muse is not that formal btw!
    i luv the muse more! it's trendy! and suits ur age even more!
  4. muse it is! :smile:
  5. I vote for the muse!
  6. muse =)
  7. I vote for the Bayswater if you tend to dress casually. It can go either way and looks great with jeans. It is a little heavy, but I don't find it to be THAT much heavier than many other bags. Have you considered the tooled bayswater?

    I think it is really nice and I don't think that the flaps curl because of the tooling around the corners. Also, I read on another thread that the antique glace leather doesn't curl as much as the Darwin leather (and that the Darwin is as likely to curl if you don't overstuff the inside too much. Don't know whether that is true, however.)
  8. My vote goes to the muse. It's easy to dress up or down depending on where you're going.
  9. Thanks everyone. It seems like the Muse is winning. I'm leaning toward it but still can not stop hesitating about Bayswater.
  10. Another vote for the muse
  11. In terms of value for money, Muse is a great bag to get. At full price, Mulberry isn't as worth it. But if you can get it at a discount then go for the Mulberry!

    To me, it suits a casual dresser much more!! Muse seems like a sleek elegant bag whereas the mulberry is more of a comfortable casual chic bag. :smile: My antique glace mulberry doesn't curl at all...and I just love using that bag! :love:
  12. I've never been a Muse fan, I totally prefer the Bayswater!
  13. i'm loving the black muse the best!
  14. The Bayswater !! Classy when you dress up but just as nice with jeans. I love mine.
  15. YSL Muse!!!