help me choose (( miu miu's ))

  1. hi to every one..

    please help me choose between these lovely bags ..i like them all but i have to decide whitch one to buy for school :yes:

    if any one has the number 3 please tell me if its big enough ?:confused1:

    i'll be carrying this bag every day with me until next june:wlae: ..couse i cant buy a new bag next season:sweatdrop:

    1 -


    2 -


    3 -


    4 -

  2. i don't know if #3 is large enough for school, but it's my favorite choice! love it!
  3. are you going to use it to carry books?
  4. I love number one for fall . All of them are wonderfull, if you are gonna carry books then I dont think the small one would work.
  5. I love the look of #3!
  6. it depends if you are going to put your bags or not

    I didn't see 4 in IRL ,but looks god
    if you are not going to carry books definetly #3
  7. I saw all of them in person, i think number 4 is the best, i love it. And i think it is the style you can put under shoulder without using the strap, that makes it more easy going to school
  8. I would say get a backpack for books and a stylish bag for all other necessities.
  9. I like #3 and 4. However, considering that you'll use it as a "schoolbag", then #4 should be more practical.
  10. i like #1 and #2.
  11. 2 or 3.
  12. Are any of these strong enough to stand up to the abuse of many school books, every day?
    I'm not so certain...
  13. good point melisande!
  14. I think it depends on how you dress -- 1 is a more formal bag -- if you go towards tailored with jeans it might be best -- the others are all slouchier and work with more boho outfits too. I like 1 and 4
  15. I love them all! :p But since you said it's for school, I'd say 1 or 2. Just be sure to take note of the total weight on shoulder with books.