Help me choose Miu Miu color !!! Quick

  1. I'm thinking about the Miu Miu Gathered Leather Bag. Brown or Black? For both casual and dressy as well?
  2. Here is the picture of the brown
  3. I like the brown , it is gorgeous!!!!!
  4. Well, just having gotten a Prada the same color: BROWN!!:yahoo:

    Prada is really putting out some deliciously wicked brown bags this season. I was beginning to think all they were doing was black.
  5. i like the black better
  6. I like the brown, but they are both gorgeous!!
  7. I've seen both colors on this style and I definitely prefer the brown!! It's more of a reddish brown and the color is soooo rich and beautiful!!!! I think it's less boring than black and also more versatile.
  8. Hmmm, I normally would say Black, but this bag looks better in Brown.
  9. I love the brown. It really works with the pleats on this bag.
  10. Brown makes the folds really pop!
  11. I love the black!
  12. Brown gets my vote!