Help me choose mini for everyday use?

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Which mini for everyday?

  1. Chanel

    38 vote(s)
  2. YSL

    5 vote(s)
  1. #1 Jul 8, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
    Hi, girls!
    I need your opinions regarding everyday mini. I am not comparing these two brands, I realize Chanel is much better. I am just asking what bag would be smarter to get for everyday beating.
    I have two options:
    1. Chanel Lambskin rectangular mini in black with GHW
    2. YSL Grained leather monogramm mini in brown color with SHW (on sale)
    I am concerned that lambskin is not suited for everyday use, but I really want chanel mini and it seems I won't find it in caviar anytime soon.
    YSL bag is sturdy and almost three times cheaper than Chanel and color goes with everything. Or you can recommend me any other cross body mini that you think is great.
    What would you personally choose? Also is Chanel rect mini in LAMB is desirable enough to resell it at a good price if I find another bag I like?
    I already have two Chanel M/L in caviar in beige and black
    Thank you!!!
    Both photos from the internet

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  2. I love Chanel more than YSL. However, having lambskin as a daily bag will not be a good idea. Maybe pre-loved for a caviar?
  3. I have looked into those, but they are so expensive, almost priced as M/L flap :smile:
  4. just my personal opinion but you really can't even compare chanel to SL. :lol: of course i would say chanel ALL THE FREAKIN WAY!!! black with ghw sounds absolutely amazing. i know for a fact that bloomingdale's has black lambskin square mini with ghw on order and expected to arrive soon!!! btw, the majority of my Chanels are lambskin and it's more tough than people give it credit for. my jumbo in my avatar is 3 years old, i use pretty frequently and it looks brand new. :happydance:GO FOR THE CHANEL!!!!! :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    edit: whoops! just saw you want rectangular mini, not square. lol, either one is amazing!!!
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  5. I would choose Chanel but definitely not caviar for an everyday bag. I was debating between Chanel and ysl wocs and always went with Chanel in the end. Are you open to any other colors besides black?
  6. Chanel! I would try the department stores... Saks... Neimans... Have them do a search and try and find you a caviar. Caviar is really really durable, I use them as my "going out" bags. They have survived many drink spills and still look new
  7. Thank you for reply! Why not caviar? I am open to any neutral color like grey, taupe, brown that I can match with anything :smile:
  8. Thank you for reply! I have black caviar m/l and agree that it's very sturdy, the only drawback that it's heavy and can't be worn crossbody. Currently I use lady Dior as an everyday bag and my back hurts lol I be asked saks SA and he said the wait is "months and months long". Have to find Neiman Marcus SA :smile:) do you girls know if it's easier to find caviar rectangular minus in Europe?
  9. Thank you for reply. Of course I am not comparing those two bags, I just want to figure out should I get cheaper sturdier bag for everyday beating, going to whole foods, doctors office, other errands. Or should I get lambskin Chanel (that I like more of course) which could be delicate OR maybe some girls find it quite sturdy for everyday too...
    Or third option: keep carrying lady Dior until I find caviar mini in basic colors :smile:)
  10. Can anyone PM me great SA info at NM, Saks or Nordstrom? Thank you!
  11. Whoops I meant definitely not LAMB for my everyday bag
  12. +1

    I don't know why ppl are so worried about lamb. I doubt those ppl actually carry one often cuz all my Chanel lamb pieces (bags or SLGs...all light colors) are all in excellent conditions with wear

    YSL goes on sale so I'd not touch them at full prices! They don't hold value at all

    OP, you can find lots of SA recommendation here

    And there's no black caviar shw or GHW mini this season. Last release was 16C GHW and not in fall act 1 or 2 either

    ~Recommended Sales Associates~ RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY ~ NO questions/comments
  13. I have a lambskin jumbo and a lamb woc. I've used my jumbo a handful of times and I'm really careful with it but yet there are a few scratches. I've considered selling it but it's such a classic bag and I do love the look of it. But I definitely have to be more careful with it than my caviar bags. My beige caviar jumbo doesn't have a scratch on it.
  14. #14 Jul 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
    Thank you for reply :smile:
    Yes, the YSL bag I am considering would be at sale price already.
    I am surprised there are no caviar black this season since Saks SA said that he has them coming but they are all sold out on pre orders and waiting list is long...
    Thank you for the SA link, I will make some cals tomorrow morning ))
  15. Well, thank you everyone. I will just wait for the right bag.