Help me choose!!! MC wallet or MC wapity? (pics inside)

  1. I really fell in love with the Multicolor wallets and was considering getting one of each...but for 555 per wallet, I was wondering if they were worth it? I really love the fact that there's no vachetta on the exterior so it would stay looking new for longer.

    But for slightly more than the price of one wallet, I can get 2 wapitys! What do you guys think? I'm not really a small clutch person but maybe it's better? Please help me decide!

    Also...if I just get one wallet or just one wapity, do I go for white or black!
    mc1.jpg mc2.jpg wapi1.jpg wapi2.jpg
  2. They are soooo worth it.
    I have a white MC long wallet... similar to your first picture but with metals in the corner... and I love it.

    I've had it for almost 3 years, and despite being white, it has never gotten dirty!! I clean the edges sometimes but the white part is surprisingly clean!! Do not worry about the white color getting dirty

    It's very versatile and goes with ANY handbag.

    It's also well made to last a long time. My last wallet was a yellow epi, which I carried throughout high school and college!
    worth every penny!!
  3. My first LV wallet was yellow epi too! It was the continental wallet which is now discontinued...someone stole it and I got another one on ebay...grr...i also have the french purse now in yellow epi.

    I'm excited now...thanks joanna!
  4. What would you use more often? I'd go for this.
    And I prefer white by most small MC pieces :love:
  5. Wapity! Then u can join tPF's wapity Club too!
  6. I would get the black multicolor monogram wallet if i could only have one of those things.
  7. I like both colors. I have a black MC wapity. I chose black because I will be mainly using it to go to bars, clubbing, etc. I'm glad you decided to buy a wallet and a wapity.
  8. Get the white MC wallet and a black wapity or vice versa. That way you'll have both colors.
  9. they are all cute and pretty. buy em' all!!! :angel:
  10. I would definitely get the wallet, the wallets seem overpriced but think about how the MC pretty much goes with everything so you really only need one for your bags !
  11. I vote for the wallet. Even though the wapity is so cute, I think you'll get much more use from the wallet :smile:
  12. i'm voting for the wapity... as for the colour... i'm too confused to chose one!!!
  13. Wapity is more sporty , the wallet is nice too, both are hot but definitelly different
  14. I vote for the MC wallet in white. I am thinking about getting a white MC PTI:graucho:
  15. I would go for the Wallet (in white ) heheheh.........and get the wapity later ? they are both very very cute!