help me choose: magenta or skyblue

  1. Okay, I'm officially addicted to Bbags once again... lol.

    Need you all to help me decide on my next purchase, I need a pop of a color.. something that stands out, so I've chosen magenta or skyblue.

    I wear quite a bit of dark colors, but I love colors too, the louder the better.

    help help ^_^" :yes:
  2. I don't know how the Sky Blue is going to wear, but these colours were done in 05 and a lot of the Sky Blues faded and yellowed, whereas the BG just faded and don't seem to have yellowed. In this light, I would go with 08 BG. I realize that they *could* have changed something which will prevent the new bags from yellowing, but doubt it! Fadng is acceptable, it makes them look for vintage, but yellowing is not!

    Oh, BTW, are you wanting 05 Sky Blue and 05 Magenta, or new 08s?? If you can hold out and wait for an 05 Magenta, you will be so glad that you did, it is an unbelievable colour, so rich and multi-dimensional and luscious!!

    For 1K, I want a bag that will last forever!

    I wish you well,

  3. thanks Bridget!!!!... I was looking at the 2008, since the 2005 doesn't come that often. If I had the chance to find a 05 Magenta, I def go for that.

    The yellowing is scary, don't want that happening to the newer bags..

    ohh decisions decisions
  4. Magenta:smile: I've been on cloud pink since I got my own pink bbag!
  5. Color wise I would say Magenta over Sky Blue. But leather wise I would say 08 Sky Blue over 08 Magenta! That is, assuming the 08 Sky blues have leather like the 08 bubblegums.
    Most of the 08 Magentas so far have been very veiny, dry and crackled, mine too. I love the color but don't like the leather and so far I've had to moisturise 3 x (and I haven't even worn the bag out yet.) If you can deal with the leather, then get the 08 Magenta.
    Other than that, which color will fit your wardrobe better?
  6. Yeah.. I've been looking at lots of pictures, and i love the magenta, but I also love the sky blue (have always wanted the sky blue from 2005).. The magenta had caught my eyes, and can't get it outt of my head. I wear a lot of dark colors in the winter time, and brighter colors in summer.

    As for the leather, I can totally see where your comming from Jo_ee, magenta all looks quite veiny, but I think I don't really mind. I had a INK city before and it was marbled looking (sort of like magenta) but at the end, after lots of use.. it became so soft and smooshy!

    I think I'm going towards pale magenta... :smile:

    Ooh, I would totally go for a violet as well.. IF I could find one...
  7. Get the magenta!!! I saw it for the first time in person yesterday and I was blown away!!!! All the bags I saw had pretty good leather for the most part.
  8. I think Magenta is "louder" than Sky Blue if that's what you want. Both are lovely, but the Magenta leather does leave something to be desired...
  10. hehe.. yes yes.. MAGENTA is all around in my head!

    what's the difference between magenta/bubblegum/petal pink? Is petal pink from the 2005? So many pink shades, I'm a little confused now.
  11. Magenta definitely! If you like bright fun colors and wear a lot of dark clothing go you must own a magenta bag!!! I never really thought I would like the color until I carried it against some dark denim jeans and even my BF loved it.
  12. :tup:
    I totally agree with Jo_ee, colorwise, its magenta, but the sky blue has better leather, I saw/felt this for myself when I went to Bal HK and some other department stores carrying them..the magenta is so dry looking :sad: but maybe after few conditioning it will get better...good Luck!!
  13. girls.. thanks so much for all your replies, truly is helping me choose my next bbag..


    I think I find another bag that i would like as well... VIOLET CITY..

    choices, choices...


    These 2 colors are both.. incredible.. arh.. i wish i can take them ALL!!
  14. Get both!!!! Thats what im planning to do!! Magenta and violet are soooooo beautiful and different:heart:!!
  15. ooo... so tempting... both are so beautiful.. that's why it's so hard to choose!! arrh.. :push:

    After seeing your magenta, I think I'm going for that too!!!!!!!!! ... :woohoo: