Help me choose: Jumbo or M/L Flap?

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Jumbo or M/L classic flap?

  1. Jumbo

  2. M/L

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My sister has always been a Prada girl until once she was hanging at my place and had to go out with her friends at the last minute. Hence she borrowed my classic flap (and my clothes and my heels and my makeup) for her night out and got lots of compliments for the purse. She has seen my Chanel purses long ago but was never into them until that night she fell in love with it. Since then she has been borrowing my Chanels not only for night outs but also for her school (the cerf). Seeing that she likes it so much, I'm thinking of buying her a classic m/l flap for her 21st birthday so she can use it on her night outs when she goes for dinners and clubbing. Then I thought maybe I should get her the jumbo then she can put more stuff and use it during the day as well. But I wonder if jumbo would be too big for clubbing and dinners. Alas I can't decide. Should I get her the jumbo or the m/l? Btw I'm thinking of caviar and sh/w.
  2. what did she borrow of yours? the M/L?
    Normally I would say the Jumbo but if she borrowed and loved the M/L get her that one :yes:
  3. IMO, jumbo is not an evening purse. I totally love my jumbo, though. Just my two cents.
  4. I agree with omnivore that the jumbo is not really an evening bag, but I think she'd get more use from it. I vote jumbo.
  5. She borrowed the m/l. :smile:
  6. So you ladies think m/l would be better for night outs?
  7. I have a a jumbo and it's great for day/work. However, it's too big for an evening bag. I'd say m/l for night's out. Plus your sister likes that too, right? You're very thoughtful to get her one. Good-luck!
  8. I vote for jumbo b/c you sister is only 21, she can definitely rock a jumbo from day to night :yes:
  9. awww ur such a nice big sis!!! i am a greedy hog.. I will never let my sister borrow my chanels... hahaha

    anyway, DEFINETLY DEFINETLY go with the M/L.
    like all the girls here already pointed out, jumbo is way too big for clubbing!!!!
    i had my clubbing days, at times I don't even want to carry a bag when I am dancing.., let alone a small purse!
    if she dances with her purse, trust me u don't want ur bag to be flinging around back & forth.. haha
    and girls that bring big purses to clubbing get funny looks... (cuz it's a sign that they are newbie to clubbing.. haha)
    clubbing should be light & fun!

    but if u want her to use it for more of daytime then the jumbo but that isn't ur first proirity

    that's my 2 cents as well :smile:
  10. I voted for the Jumbo. But really I would say either would be fine. Like Classic Chic said...shes 21. She can rock a jumbo from day to night!

    **I wish you were my sister!:biggrin: You're so sweet!
  11. haha! you go hot cute moma!

    i agree... she experienced the m/l, so m/l it should be... plus, you'll be saving $$$ too :P ...maybe, reserve the jumbo for yourself? loan again, and if she likes it too, not sure what that might bring, but whatta sistah you are! ...*sigh* the sister i never had :girlsigh:
  12. If your sis trialled the m/l I say get her the m/l... Or you could reserve both m/l and jumbo and take your sis to the boutique on the pretence that the bags are for you. Get her to try them and surprise her by buying the one she prefers. Then take her out to lunch with her carrying the Chanel bag
  13. M/L flap is definitely great for a night out, I love the size of it!
  14. Good idea!:idea: ITA.
  15. Since she has been borrowing the M/L and you are getting her a bag for clubbing and nights out, I voted for the M/L instead of the Jumbo. :smile: