Help me Choose! InStyle Wedding Photo


Which Photograph should I use???

  1. Best Friends Necklace & Earrings

  2. Crystal Hearts Threader Earrings

  3. Freshwater Pearl Threader Earrings

  4. Fine Silver Glass Lampwork Earrings

  5. Swarovski Crystal Squares & Hearts Necklace

  6. Other - Please Suggest

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  1. I've got an exciting opportunity to be in an ad in InStyle Wedding!!! :yahoo: My jewelry that is. lol There are six of us and we each get one section of the ad. Megs gave me permission to post this in the general folder instead of the jewelry photo...I'd like to have as many people vote as possible.

    My problem? I can't choose which photo to use!!! ack! I'm going crazy trying to decide which photo to use. So I'd love you guys to help me choose by voting for your favorite.

    Don't look at the quality of my photography...lucky the woman who actually puts the ads together fixes all my issues. :rolleyes:

    My target audience isn't someone who wants a diamond's someone more like me who wanted something a little different but still elegant. Oh...and I am using smaller photos because they'll be small int eh ad - smaller than what I'm using here. I included a small description that will eventually be on my site with the photo but all that is in the ad is hte photo and the name of the piece.

    Thanks for your help!!!

    PHOTO ONE - "Best Friends"
    Hand crafted fine silver links fused together hanging from sterling silver chain with two stones - birthstones. Great for best friends, mothers, and husband and wife birthstones. Available Matching earrings.

    PHOTO TWO - "Crystal Heart Threader Earrings"
    Delicate, lightweight, and comfortable, sparkling Swarovski crystal hearts with flashes of rainbows. Sterling silver threaders are fine, thin chain that pull gently through your ear.

    PHOTO THREE - Freshwater Pearl Threader Earrings
    Freshwater pearls with beautiful lustre dangle gently from sterling silver threader style earrings. Gentle, lightweight, and comfortable threaders slide easily into your ears and can be adjusted for different lengths.

    PHOTO FOUR - Fine Silver Lampwork Earrings
    One of a Kind, handcrafted lampwork glass beads sit gently at the bottom of hand fired and textured fine silver hoops. Available with different colors and sizes of glass beads.

    PHOTO FIVE - Crystal Squares & Hearts Necklace
    Sparkling Swarovski crystals in round and square shapes capture the light and make it dance. Adjustable length with heart shaped sterling silver chain and lobster clasp.

    OR you see something on my website that you think would be better? Flickr Photo page?

    Thank you for your help! I have to turn in a photo by TOMORROW!!! :nuts:
  2. I chose the pearls because I think they looked so elegant. I love pearls.
  3. Good choice
  4. Very nice, all of them.

    Good luck with your ad. I hope it goes great!
  5. Congrats!!

    I love the first one, I'm usually not big on sets but this one is so cool and fresh!
  6. It's sooo hard to choose! They're all beautiful! I chose the pearls, because I think they would be gorgeous with a wedding dress. It was hard to choose between those earrings, and the best friends set. I loved that just as well!
  7. I like the pearls.
  8. I like the first one!!!

    Castco- this is so amazing for you!! congrats!!!
  9. Although the pearls are pretty you said this would be for someone who wanted something a little different. I think a lot of brides wear pearls. That is why I chose the heart earings. THey are more unique.
  10. I voted for the first one because it caught my eye, then re-read the post and realized it's for a wedding magazine. So I think the pearls. All of the pieces are really beautiful! Congratulations on your mention in the magazine!
  11. I like number two. They are all beautiful by the way!
  12. I chose the first one!!! But they all look cute!!! GOOD LUCK!!
  13. That's why this is so hard. I want something that catches the eye and the Best Friends set is brand new - it would be great for bridesmaids gifts or even mother of the bride.

    Thanks for everyone who has voted so far. It looks like the pearl threader earrings are winning so far. :yes:
  14. Congrats, how exciting!!!!!

    I do love them all, but will go with the pearls for a wedding, gorgeous.
  15. Congrats, Megan! It's very hard to choose, your jewelry is beautiful, but if pressed to do so, I'd go for 3, 1 & 2 in that order! Good luck!