HELP ME CHOOSE!!! Indy or 85th Anniversary Guccissima?? ***PICS***

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  1. I'm thinking of returning the Indy I just added to my collection (2nd from the left in 2nd row) & getting the Large 85th Anniversary Ivory Guccissima Bag instead...


    I want to keep the one that will hold up in sophistication and style...I want a classic!

    What should I do? Which one should I keep???
  2. I return the indy. I was in the Gucci outlet in Melb a few hours ago and wasn't a big fan of the indy. The Ivory Guccissima is a much nice bag in my opinion. Also going by your collection is would be nice to have a Gucci that is more structured, if you get what I mean. You seem to already have a lot of non-structured bags.
  3. If you want a classic, then go with the 85th! :yes: Its timeless, and like kavnadoo said, it would be nice to add a structured bag to your collection... Have fun!
  4. if u want a classic, u should def get the 85th guccisima :yes:
  5. Return the Indy. Guccissima is a classic :tup:
  6. I loved the Indy in all the print ads and could not wait to try it on. When i did, I found it uncomfortable and awkward.

    As for the 85th anniversary boston I have it in medium rust guccissima and loved it soooo much bought it in mystic white. Be advised, If you are looking to buy this from bluefly(that is where your pic looks like it is from). They list both the large and the medium as the large.Double check your dimensions to make sure you are ordering the one you want.BTW great family shot!
  7. I never knew they had a Gucci outlet in Melbourne? Where is it, I may go for a visit next time I am down there.
  8. I also would go for the anniversary bag. when I took a better look at the pics of the indy's I think they tend to look like a 'sac'? (hope you know what I mean :confused1:)

    a bit like this: (pic from ebay)

  9. The Indy is definitley the bag of the moment. I think the 85th boston would be very hot on you. :yes: Its a humoungous day bag, the Indy can go from day to night. But its flashy and trendy, and the large 85th is way bigger. I think you get more of a value with the 85th...and its definitley a classic gucci look. The Indy is an outlier. But its gorgeous, and I bet even moreso in person...the way the light hits those corners. Its a hard decision! :sweatdrop:
  10. It's on Collins St. Corner Russell and Collins. Going to be going there before uni tomorrow morning. Kind realised that the shoes I bought don't match my bags so I'm going back for the new Britt hobo.

    All the SA's are lovely. And they serve you even if you tell them you are not buying anything that day. I just love shopping there!
  11. Looks like you have plenty of great practle bags. I'd keep the indy. It is so hot! Not as comfortable, but it looks awesome.
  12. If you want a classic I'd go guccisima. I just bought a guccisima and love it! It goes so well if you're dressed up or down!!!
  13. indy = now

    guccissima = forever

    but i agree with what one of the other girls said about you getting a structured bag since it seems you have a lot of unstructured ones. good luck!
  14. i agree with a lot of the ladies saying you should return the indy and get the 85th! it has a classier look to it.
  15. omg....i cannot STOP staring at your collection!! anyway, i definitely think guccissima is a classic -- i'd go for that one