Help me choose ... I cannot decide

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  1. I have about $1600 + to spend. I figure I could get an Amarante Rosewood Vernis and a Batignolles Vertical for that money OR one Black Multicolore Purse plus the Black MC Coin/Key ring. I am new to LV, my only purchase so far is a Black Neo Cabby GM. I feel like the Black MC wallet/keychain would go very well with the Neo Cabby. Guess the Amarante would, too....I am posting pics/my obsessive charts of the bags I am considering. So what would you do? Multicolore Black or a Monogram bag + a Vernis??? Need help! Thanks for your opinion!!!
    mono_n_amarante.jpg lv_mc_blk_or_vernis.jpg
  2. I have the black MC zippy wallet. I love it! I have the cabby mm in black and black MC looks great with that bag.
  3. Thanks girlsgottoshop - I am leaning towards the Black MC coin/key plus the ALMA or PETIT NOE - any thoughts? The Aurelia MM is also a possibility. I appreciate any help/opinions!! Thanks!!!
  4. I LOVE the petit noe in multicolor. It is a great bag!
  5. I'm bag greedy because I like to change them around, so I vote for the Rosewood and the BH, but it's also nice to have a matching LV set.
  6. I was trying to post over my message there. For some reasons, the message got here, sorry all!!!
  7. Ah, Aussie Glamour - it does feel more like I'm getting my money's worth to get two LV purses. The Black MC is more like a work of art 'cause of Takashi Murakami.... I may never be able to choose!!!

    amarante_bv.jpg pnoe_cles.jpg
  8. i'd go for variations and bags lol, so i choose Amarante Rosewood Vernis and a Batignolles Vertical.
  9. My vote goes for anything in black MC. I have the Black MC petite noe and it's one of my most used bags. I know what you mean about getting 2 bags for the price of one though. Do you have a mono speedy yet?
  10. Hi FloridaLV - I don't have a mono speedy, I just don't love the regular monogram (everyone in my area has one) and the sagging thing would get to me. I have 2 kids under 4 so the Neo Cabby GM holds all the necessities and then some. I thought the BV would not be as huge, but still hold most of what I need and the Rosewood Av would be for monthly date night/holiday parties. But I could see taking the petite noe out at night and on short outings w/ kids as well. I am a Lesportsac Tokidoki collector, so I carry the Tokidoki Inferno bags too ... they are somewhat indestructible. I love Takashi Murakami from way before (Superflat Art Movement) he was associated with LV.
  11. I also think the black MC Alma is good looking, esp the gold studding. How does it compare to the Petite Noe for roominess? looks like it cant go over shoulder like the Noe. I wish I lived closer to a LV store!

  12. I like the Alma but it is very structured. The petite noe holds alot and I have a 20 month old and a 5 year old so I load it up and it's still comfy. I love your cabby GM, I'm sure that it's a great bag.
  13. If you want a bag with tons of room, I would go for the Aurelia MM. I just got one this week and LOVEEEE it...and it holds SO MUCH. I doubt that the Alma and Petite Noe can fit that much, plus the Aurelia MM costs less than both of them. I don't recommend the Lodge at all because it's TINY. It fits slightly mroe than the Eliza and the Eliza is like the size of...less than half of your Cabby.