Help me choose! HH Barnard xbody or AC mini-city


Help me choose!

  1. HH Barnard Xbody in Persian Rose

  2. Anna Corinna mini city in red

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  1. I like them both (duh) but can't see any of them IRL.

    HH Barnard Crossbody in Persian Rose: love crossbodies, doesn't look too big, not boring color. BUT concerned that the color is too coral or orange (that's how it looks on this monitor). If they call it rose, it must not be, right? Has anyone seen this color IRL?


    Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in Red: I like the versatility of this one with the 2 sets of handles. Plus no one around here has anything like this. BUT I have so many red bags already - is this overkill? Also it seems on the big side to me.

    Ladies, I await your informed opinions!
  2. I don't know how informed my opinion is...but I like the Barnard better. I think it is a more interesting/unusual color and I really like the tooling details on the straps. Plus I do like a crossbody bag. That's just MHO.

    Good luck deciding. :smile:
  3. i like the color on the barnard, but the ac mini city design better. the ac mini is really versatile and the perfect size...not too big at all and lightweight. hth!
  4. I'm not a fan of the color or design of the first bag but I do love the ac mini, it's a great red but if you think you have too many red bags...then maybe get the ac mini in another color?
  5. I love the mini city!
  6. The mini city in this size is cute, and the color is poppin'!
  7. I'm not familiar with either of these bags but the style of the AC looks way cuter to me and that's what I'd choose between the two. Let us know what you decide!
  8. I'm leaning towards the mini city since it's on sale now at Shopbop. The HH is regular price and pre-order.
  9. I really like the Mini City. The color and the style def. make a statement!

    Make sure you let us know what you decide!!

    good luck!
  10. I can't wait to get my city tote!!!! sooo cute!
  11. I'm leaning towards the mini city, it doesn't look like a "generic" bag that everyone and their dog wears. If you already have too many red bags maybe get it in a different colour? However since red bags can be worn with more outfits than orange/coral ones, another one can't hurt right? ;)
  12. I'm not going to be much help because I prefer the first one which must make this a pretty evenly split vote!
  13. I definitely prefer the AC tote
  14. Ha ha ha! I fooled everyone (including myself) and scored the Botkier cherry bianca small satchel from the Shopbop sale.