Help me choose.. Gucci or LV?

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  1. Okay.. My hubby asked me what do I want for my birthday next month :yes:...
    And now I'm confuse between these two choices from two brands..
    I need a white colour big size shoulder bag.. And I narrow down my choice to these two bags.. which one should I get for my birthday?

    Gucci Britt Large Tote

    or LV Damier Azur Saleya MM ? :confused1:
    like this but the MM one so I can carry on the shoulder...
  2. I'm the wrong one to answer, because I have been drooling over the Gucci Britt for quite a while. vote is for that, but I'll bet I am in the minority.
  3. ^ Me too....Not a big fan of LV...LOVE the Gucci! Good luck on your decision! :heart: Emmy
  4. I always pick the bag i like best, regardless of brand, they are both beautiful bags!!
  5. I love the azur saleya. :love:
  6. Those are both so beautiful! I almost always will answer "go for the LV" but that's a tough choice. :P I love that Gucci!

    I'd still probably pick the LV though... :yes:
  7. The LV!
  8. I know.. they're both so lovely, arent they? that's why i'm so confuse and need all the help i can get to help me choose the bag :sos: :yes: ....
  9. Gucci.
  10. Wow-this is odd for me. I am not a big Gucci fan and was coming in here to say LV. But, I like this Gucci better than the LV posted-I am not a big fan of the azur damier
  11. I don't really like the Gucci - can it go on your shoulder? My vote would be for the LV :yes:
  12. What a tough choice. Both are beautiful bags. I guess I'd go with the LV. It is such a pretty summertime bag.
  13. Azur!!
  14. i LOVE the gucci
  15. I would get the gucci!