Help me choose: greige or marron

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  1. I am hunting down purses - which one do you recommend: greige or marron (both 06)? Do any of you have pictures of the marron? How is the leather in that color? Thanks for any input.
  2. Forgot to add that I have purses in black and rouge already. Thanks.
  3. Greige! The leather is absolutely lovely and it's such an easy colour to wear! =)
  4. I would recommend the greige. From what i understand, the Marron is quite dark and if you already have a black, the greige may be a nice addition. I have a greige, and I am CRAZY about it. It is a fantastic neutral, and goes with so many things. The leather is for certain TDF!!!:love:
  5. I have come to absolutely love greige , and like that you could get a day in café as well :P
  6. I have an 06 Marron First (sorry, no camera, so no pix) and I love it. But I'm also calling BalNY this morning to see if they have any Greiges left. They're both lovely colors!

    I use my Marron as if it were black (I'm on a black ban right now as I spent 10 years wearing nothing but and now I want nothing but color!) and I want the Greige because I would like a light neutral bag but am not too into the tans and don't want white either. The greiges I've seen have been the perfect balance.

    So if you have black, I'd suggest the greige.
  7. Greige is cute! I saw it IRL at Barney's. TDF. Good luck with your decision :biggrin:
  8. I just happened to take a photo of my new marron city yesterday for someone interested in the marron weekender at Gretta Luxe (she bought it). Here are photos before and after apple care conditioner (big difference). I love marron, but also think you can use it like black. I agree that since you already have black, griege would be a good choice.

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  9. I vote for greige!
  10. Greige as you already have a dark-colored bag
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^
    I second Addicted !!!!
  12. While, marron is a lovely color, I agree that Griege would be the better addition to your collection.

  13. It's really lovely:love: , I think apple is great, it softens without making the bags dull!
  14. Thanks, I agree about apple conditioner. I will use LMB for handles only as well.
  15. Agree with Rocksteady - greige would be a great complement to what you have now!