Help me choose...going to LV soon


Orange Perfo Cles or Mono Wapity? Please VOTE!!!

  1. Orange Perfo Cles

  2. Mono Wapity

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm choosing between an Orange Perfo Cles and a Mono Wapity.

    I want a cute cles to go with my Damier Speedy (I think orange would be perfect!). But then I really want Wapity in Mono to carry around when I don't need to have a lot of stuff with me!

    Which one do you think I should get first? Orange Perfo Cles while it's stil available at my store? Or a classic Wapity, which will, probably, always be available?

    I've never had a cles before, so I don't know what I would use it for yet. But I want an LE item (I only have one at this moment...MC :heart: )!

    Please vote!
  2. I have the orange cles and it looks fabulous with my damier speedy. Perfo line I believe is not a permanent. So I would get that first before the wapity. Good luck in making you choice and have fun shopping!
  3. Orange Cles first, Mono Wapity later on. I want to get a Perfo Cles before they all run out.
  4. perfo cles! its so bright!
  5. I vote for the orange cles!!
  6. Perfo!
  7. I think I'm leaning towards Perfo Cles, too!!!! I'll give my store a call and ask them to hold it for me!

    Thanks everyone!
  8. Yay .... I hope you get the Orange Perfo Cles! :happydance:

    Please post pics of it when you get it (if you can) .... I would love to see. :love:
  9. good luck, they are so cute!
  10. ^good luck!
  11. I think the Mono Wapity would be more useful

    BUT! I think the Orange Cles is cuter!!!
  12. Perfo they are discontinued and running out the wapity is permanent so there is no rush
  13. Perfo Cles. Much cuter.
  14. perfo cles, then the wapity!
  15. I voted for the orange perfo cles ... it's going to look perfect on your damier speedy!