Help me choose! GH Vert Gazon or White!

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White colour!?!?

  1. White GH~ Fresh and clean, scared of it getting dirty!

  2. Vert Gazon GH~ Wow does the GH stand out!!!

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  1. OK, I need help! This will be my first Bbag! So which one do you prefer! Here is a pic of my other bags so you get get an idea and help me out with what other colour I need in my collection! TIA xx
    I also have a black fendi spy and a brown miu miu coffer x

    And if anyone has any pics posing with a GH hobo I would love to see, and what are your opinions on the hobos? Can you wear them in the crook of your arm?:P
  2. White :drool:
  3. Also if i really love the vert gazon, i will say WHITE ( i thnk it'll match with all your wardrobe)
  4. I vote for Vert Gazon! It's a beautiful color, esp. with the GH, you can wear year-round, and you don't have to worry about getting it dirty!:yes:
  5. I voted vert gazon -- can use it year round, and won't be as difficult to keep clean. White has such a short season!
  6. I love them both, but I would go for the white. It looks great and it matches everything.
  7. i voted for the VG - the gold really pops and white gets dirty really fast. good luck choosing! :P
  8. I love vert gazon and have it myself, but if you want just one, I'm tempted to say white since it matches with so much.
  9. I voted Vert Gazon because it is a color that will "pop" and yet is still very versatile.
  10. I know there are PFers with the GH Hobos so perhaps if you checked the "Photos wearing your Bbags" thread you can see some. Also, Katie Holmes has the Vert Gazon GH Hobo i believe. (her photo would be under the "celebrities with assorted B-Bags")
  11. I LOVE both but would definitely go with VG because I would be devastated if my white BBag got dirty!:heart:
  12. Though both are lovely, I am voting for VG, because as others said, it won't get dirty and will be very versatile year round. (Perhaps more Pug friendly, lol!)
  13. :smile:I chose VG because this bag stands out so much.

    You will be noticed and it is flashy...:yahoo:
  14. I voted for's incredible!
  15. hands down vert gazon !! it's a beautiful color and it will make you stand out in a crowd!!