Help me choose for Friday!!!

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  1. Quick poll...I saw some things today at Louis Vuitton today that I want to get before the prices rise, I can only get one so what do you guys think? I have two MM Neverfulls and now one GM neverfull so I want something different. Here are my options...
    Speedy Arrow 30
    Metis either Empriente Leather or Mono
    Or Speedy B Empriente Leather 30
    I'm full of SLG's but short in a handbag :smile:

    Thanks in advice TPF brothers and sisters!!!
  2. Speedy B Empriente ... it's so gorgeous ...
  3. speedy b empriente. Its beautiful.
  4. +1 , love it.
  5. speedy b empriente
  6. Speedy B in Emp. It's so luxurious yet practical!
  7. I am with everyone else the speedy b in the empriente leather is gorgeous.
  8. Something leather - speedy or métis - whichever looks cuter on you!
  9. another vote for empreinte speedy b right here! 🙋
  10. Speedy B Empreinte!
  11. No contest! Speedy B Empriente Leather 30 all the way!
  12. Speedy b empirente! I'm picking mine up Saturday. What color are you interested in?
  13. another vote for Emp. Speedy!!
  14. The speedy arrow is heavy and the strap makes it difficult to get into the surprised the speedy arrow is stil in the stores....LVoe the Metis, I have both the mono and empreinte.....I would get either a empreinte Metis or empreinte speedy b...
  15. Speedy empriente!!