Help me choose first chanel

  1. So after visiting the chanel thread for a few days and falling madly in love with these bags ...I have decided to buy one before the prices increase.

    My favorite ones are the PST, GST, or medium classic flap.

    Which one do you guys think I should start with and if you can also give me the present prices for these....I will appreciate it.

  2. I like the medium classic flap, not sure about the price on this one, though. Good luck with your decision...and welcome to Chanel!
  3. medium classic flap- that was my first chanel too and love it to pieces!
  4. I agree that the flap would make a great first bag--- price is just over 2k, I believe.
  5. I'm a flap lover, so I have to vote for a flap!
  6. The PST is $1250, the GST is $1895, and the medium flap is $1995...I would go with the flap as a first bag. But the PST makes a super 2nd bag!;)
  7. Medium Classic Flap, do not know the price. Name speaks for itself, Classic, will never go out of style. :tup:
  8. Wowww...I'm glad I asked the experts before buying... I guess the classic flap it is.

    I can't wait to post pictures.
  9. I would get the flap. I wish I would have gotten the flap for my first.
  10. I vote for the classic flap. My first was the reissue which i LOVE and the GST was my second...
  11. Classic flap:yes:
  12. I am waiting on my first will be the classic flap
    I want black or red, shipment will be in next week.
    My sales person will call me and let me know what
    styles and colors have arrived.

    Just do not know what color chain??? Good problem to have

    My vote for Flap!!!!
  13. medium classic flap
  14. I would get a flap as your first and then the GST which is great bag. But hey, all the Chanels are great - enjoy whatever you get and post pictures!
  15. You can't go wrong with any of those bags.
    For me, I'd pick the flap, it's such a classic...