Help me choose - first bbag!

  1. HI Guys...

    I have made up my mind that it is now time for me to get a bbag :smile:

    I am looking for any ideas or help which what choice to go for - as yous all know your stuff & qith being a newbie i want to make it a good choice!!!!!


  2. first b bag for a newbie is a city :yes:
  3. i think the City is a great choice for a forst bbag..not too big and not too small, perfect for everyday use.
    i love all my City bags...i think the most practical
  4. ooooh am sooooo excitd!! can wait to get one!
  5. I was a bbag newbie (okay I still am, heehee) and I got the First size. I love it! For my 5'2 stature, it's perfection!
  6. depending on how much you carry, i would start out w/ either the first or the city.
  7. City &:yes: Twiggy are my 2 favorites.
  8. i like quite a roomy bag - i fill it with so much stuff but am used to it now so i couldnt change what i carry around..
  9. courier was my first and only bbag its roomy and practical!
  10. City and Twiggy are at the top of the list for me.
  11. City is my favorite bag. I have 3.
  12. Hi there I just got my black city today and am so in love! you should get a city too!
  13. I'm about to get my first bag as well and after much contemplation, I'm going for the First but I do want a city for when I go up to campus/school. But for going out, I don't carry all that much so I believe the First would be a good choice... but after all these YESs for a City... I don't know anymore... haha
  14. first or a city, hmmmmmm.

    Im being bias, but Id go for first because its more then enough space for my things!
  15. City City City!