Help me choose!! Fendi vs. Jimmy Choo??

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  1. I really like this Fendi Velvet Squirrel spy, but I also like the Jimmy Choo Champagne Mahala (I had a Maddy but it was too small)... So, which one do you guys think I should get... Or should I get both??? hmmm...
    TIA ;)

    Fendi Burgundy Velvet Squirrel Spy:



    Jimmy Choo Champagne Mahala:

  2. JC, that Fendi is ugly IMHO
  3. OH MY? THE GUCCI, no doubt about that!!that's a complicated spy...
  4. I just love the look of the JC Mahala. I have one in white. Not liking the spy as much.
  5. Love the JC Mahala. I like some of the Squirrel Spy's but this one is a little too busy for me. I'd go with the JC.
  6. I have the JC mahala but in green. I love it and its really well made. I think the Fendi wouldn't be as versatile. Get the JC...
  7. I love the color of the JC..I'd go with that..IMO the SPY is way too busy looking, and I don't think you would get much use out of it.
  8. My vote is for the JC!
  9. I think the JC is more versatile and you wont tire of it as quickly.
  10. the JC is gorgeous! the fendi looks way too busy.
  11. Go...Go...Go...Get the Jimmy Choo. :graucho: Excellent Choice...Beautiful Bag.

    I have a White Mahala...and I LOVE IT!!!
  12. J Choo. That's one Spy bag that I'm not keen on.
  13. JChoo is beautiful. i dunno about the fendi:shame:
  14. definitely JC.. i'm sorry but that fendi is just toooo much IMO..
  15. Jimmy Choo, hands down!