Help me choose FENDI B or Celine Clan in beige

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  3. DON'T Get EITHER ONE!!!

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  1. so they are both on a wait list but fendi b I pre-ordered from elux and celine I wait list with credit card.
    What do you all experts think???!!!

    I love both but can't afford both.

    And they both go with the newest trend for this year but I need it to last longer than one year.

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  2. Go Celine !

    I still haven't grown to love the Fendi B bag.. at all !
  3. Celine!!!!!
  4. I've only seen the Clandestine in photos here and I love it.:love:
    That would be my 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice. And it is not trendy looking.

    That said, it's one I don't think I could carry as I'd prefer it on someone younger. Love kisslocks. I'd like to see this in person.
  5. Agree. I only like to look at them in bunches to see all the variation like the baguettes. I think if Fendi had used a single charming and distinctive very oversized buckle they'd have had a real hit.
  6. I would pick the Celine over the Fendi. I think the Fendi will look dated after this year. Asides from that, the Celine looks very classy and feminine and will probably last you longer.

    That being said, for me personally, I would pass on both because though I like the Celine, I don't absolutely love it. And I know there are going to be many other bags that I would absolutely adore.

    Good luck with your choice. I would love to see pictures of either bag on a person vice the advertising or runway photos I've seen! I didn't dig the Fendi in the store, but I have yet to see the Celine!
  7. The Celine is stunning and classic... The B bag doesn't really do it for me...
  8. I would choose the Celine. But I've yet to see either in person.
  9. Celine :biggrin:
  10. I vote for Celine:amuse:

    I don't like the Fendi B bag....sorry:shame:
  11. The Celine is beautiful. I'm not a fan of the B bag either...glad to hear I'm not alone
  12. Celine. It is beautiful and very ladylike. Don't like the whole Fendi B collection!
  13. Celine. It looks classy.:biggrin:
  14. The B Bag is growing on me, but the Clandestine will probably be a lot less common :biggrin:
  15. Clandestine over B bag for sure!