Help me choose! Expandable Flap or Modern Chain Tote?

  1. Hey guys I can't decide between the two and I could only afford 1. I need an everyday bag. The expandable flap looks very big and elegant. Better looking worn than on the shelf. Modern chain tote is also big and rugged. I cant decide! Help! :confused1:
  2. I adore my expandable. I do not have the modern chain, so cannot comment, but the expandable flap is just gorgeous, I cannot tell you the amount of times I just stroke mine ;)

    So it gets my vote!
  3. Expandable flap !! :idea:
  4. Modern chain!!
  5. I'd vote for the Expandable.
  6. they both are lovely. But the modern chain tote is very heavy.
  7. Love my MC, so that gets my vote. I do love the expandable as well.
  8. Expandable for me!
  9. I have MC tote. It's too heavy for everyday bag. The expandable has large stitches. The stitches would be worn out quick. For me, the best everyday tote is Cerf. Its deerskin leather is very durable and soft. It has three compartments and two zippered pockets. The next best one is GST.
  10. I think both are beautiful. :smile: I have the MC N/S tote in black, and I think it's the perfect edgy black tote... whether it is heavy or not depends on how much you put in it... I don't find it too heavy when I use it, but then again, I lift weights haha. :p

    As for the Expandable flap, I think the size almost lends itself to a tote, and I don't think the stitches are going to wear terribly, because they are triple stitched. :yes: Are you considering the N/S MC tote or E/W? The E/W is pretty wide at the bottom, so that's something to consider too. Assuming you're thinking of the N/S, out of the two choices, I would say Expandable Flap. :heart:

    If you aren't limited to just these two bags, you could also look at the GST (very popular here, but not for me :smile:), Cerf tote, Expadable tote (gorgeous, and very easy to wear - but it's unstructured, so keep that in mind :smile:), etc. Happy shopping!! :tup:
  11. expandable it looks spacious, and adorable on
  12. N/S MC weighs 3 lbs when it's empty. After putting all the needs and wants for everyday use, you are lifting heavy weights everyday :p
  13. i have the expandable flap and love it to bits. it's the perfect size and looks good dressed up or down.
  14. I don't have either but the expandable to me is a work of genius and looks much more adaptable than the tote so wins my vote. Let us know what you decide!
  15. i vote for the expandable!