Help me choose? Craie or Pink Sakura


Nov 28, 2009
So hard to choose. I would choose Sakura just because it is chèvre and you have many neutrals in your collection, if possible can you take both? Lol.
Jun 6, 2009
Agree with the comments above .
You have a lot of neutrals - black, gold and etain.
If Rose Sakura is a colour you could use, it would be a nice break from the neutral bags and pink chèvre is gorgeous !
All the best deciding


Jul 26, 2015
Tough decision! I think the craie looks better on you, but you have a few neutrals in your collection already, may be go for the sakura?! It's in chevre too!! This is a tough decision, but lucky to have :P
I agree with sleepykitten! The Sakura is an amazing colour and definitely adds diversity to your collection, but the the Craie does look better on you IMO. Though I guess you do have quite a few neutrals that could do the same 'job' as the Craie. I'd say that if you love both equally, and it wouldn't be that big a challenge putting together outfits from your existing wardrobe to go with the Sakura, I'd go for the Sakura.