Help me choose color for medium YSL chyc

  1. I'm debating between navy blue, light sepia (charcoal gray), and dark brown. Thanks.
  2. Dark brown:smile:
  3. They are each beautiful options for the cabas chyc. Assuming any would be a good fit for your current color scheme and preferences in clothing, here is my vote in order of preference:

    1 - Light sepia
    2 - Dark brown
    3 - Navy blue

    Grey is a great neutral that can easily replace black in most wardrobes and bag collections. It and the brown are almost tied, but for the fact that I believe that there will always be a great brown bag that one may ultimately get. Not the same when it comes to finding a great grey bag.

    I will say that the blue, while lovely, is not as impressive as other blues that I have seen from YSL or even the current season blue that I'm crushing on from Givenchy. Maybe I need to see it in person to like it more.

    Anyway, that's my vote and reasoning. Hope it is of some use.

    Good luck!
  4. Light sepia (gray) gets my vote! Easy to match with your clothes :biggrin:
  5. Sepia gets my vote. Love a gray bag - great alternative to black. Navy is my second choice!
  6. Thanks guys. I am drawn to the dark brown but I have other bags in brown already. I think charcoal is a better choice for me because I don't have any gray bags. As far as the navy blue, I already have a small easy and muse two in navy blue so to have an navy blue chyc may be too much. Logically, I feel like I should pick the charcoal but dark brown is calling my name more. LOL. I also noticed that the dark brown chyc color seems to get scratches and marks more easily than the other colors. Anyone else notice this?
  7. I would say the grey. I do find that the dark brown leather gets scuffed easily and it shows up more on a darker colour. Grey is great as it is neutral but gives it a little edge.
  8. Does the medium come in sepia grey? I was told it isn't available and I have only seen the large and mini in that color on the website. I love the sepia grey though, so beautiful!
  9. My first choice would be the navy blue. The color works all year around, and you won't have to worry about color transfers (from denim) since it's a relatively dark(er) color. My second choice would be the sepia gray.
  10. The medium light sepia is currently available online at Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms. NM online has it in both sheep and lambskin.
  11. Thank you so much! :woot: I thought it was weird that the medium size wasn't available in that color. I am not from the US but might just have to order one online! What is the difference between the sheep and lambskin? Sheep will be more durable, but do they look pretty much the same?
  12. I know that sheep is more durable but I'm not sure what the difference in appearance is. Does anyone else know?
  13. i got two; one in sheep and one in lamb. lamb is, as you know, softer. but that also means it is prone to scratches, etc. so i like sheep leather better. it is more durable.

    its appearance is same in my opinion. just when you touch, lamb is softer. sheep is soft as well.
  14. Thank you! Sheep seems the way to go then, I prefer a lower maintenance bag. Much appreciated!
  15. I would go with navy. I have a lv Lumineise Pm in navy and I love it. Surprisingly it goes with everything and is slightly more casual than blk. Nm says navy is the new neutral. Have fun shopping