Help me choose-cervo antic satchel or drawstring?

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum. My indecisiveness is what triggered me to just get some other opinions on this. I am a stay at home mom in KC with one year old triplets and a four year old, so I don't get out and about enough to see the fashionistas sporting these bags, and am not sure which one is really the most desirable. Husband bought me the drawstring from Prada in Bev Hills-it was the last one. Can't really return it-store credit only-or e-bay. Satchel is from BG so I have some options. Anyway, they are both so incredible, just need some opinions to help me seal the deal!! Thanks!!!
  2. OK- I think the Antic satchel is WAY nicer..PLUS you have the long HANDS FREE MOMMY FRIENDLY messenger strap...No question..Its the best bag for a mom.
  3. PS- Prada boutique HAS the satchel in their other stores..Ask them and they will use a store credit towards the satchel and ship it from another Prada store for you(NY Broadway store has it)
  4. Thanks Jill, my overtired brain didn't register that idea! I was stressed about having some ridiculous store credit. But the SA @ Prada could locate one for me elsewhere. I like the drawstring because it is slouchy and I love the slouchy Chloe Paddington look/feel, but for some reason I am having a problem commiting 100% to one of them. Perhaps it is because I have never crossed this $$$ threshold before on a bag so I want to absolutely adore it. But I am sure I love the overall actic look.
  5. ^ i felt the same way about crossing that price killed me..I was wearing the Antic Satchel around the house....and thinking I cant beleive how much this is!!!!!
    Honestly..I have held both bags and I think the satchel is WAY NICER...its very mushy too...I always love mushy leather bags.
  6. Jill, it stinks having to view these bags either via picture phone in which case my husband is sent all over to boutiques and dept stores when he is on his frequent business travel. He runs in and checks bags out for me-snaps pictures-and in this case bought me the drawstring because he thought it was awesome.
    Or I have to order them from NM, and then he can always retuen them if they don't work there is always an NM close by. In Kansas City we are stuck with only a Nordstroms, and MJ and Burberry are the best it gets. to get to the point, since I haven't been in a Prada boutique in a year or so, in the pictures you have posted on the antics, what is the size/price/and other differences in the two satchels on the right side of the screen? Thanks!!
  7. the satchel I had sent to me is 2450...its like 17 long and like 9 high I beleive...its the perfect size..IMO.
  8. You have a very sweet husband! Not many men will snap a picture of a bag with a cell phone! I've never seen the hobo, but between the two, I'd get the satchel. There is a larger size version of that satchel if you think you need more room to carry kid stuff. Its the same size as the dragon bag Jill posted!
  9. Thanks Cougess,

    that leads me back to the question....which is which in the pictures Jill posted with all of the antic? I'd actually like the smaller one. No matter what, I also have to tote around adiaper bag. There is no getting around that. So the smaller ther bag the better. Is the one for $2450, about 17inches long the big or small?? I just can't judge size from the pictures.

  10. ^ there is a smaller one than I one I was sent.
  11. i'm more drawn to the drawstring :P
  12. I prefer the satchel :smile:
  13. I had both in my possession and I kept the drawstring bag. I just don't happen to like long messenger straps, which means the satchel for me is handheld. The other is a great, easy shoulder bag.
  14. Thanks for all this input. Sometimes you just want to take a little time and decide which will be best for you, especially at such a high price point, but the darn 10 day return policy is such a kicker!