Help me Choose Cartier: Ballon Bleu vs Tank Francaise


Oct 24, 2008
I've been wanting a Cartier watch for at least the past year. However since I heard there may be another price increase i may actually have to decide between my 2 favorites. I love them both. I would get it in small since i have a smaller wrist. The Ballon Bleu is very eye catching while the tank is more classic. Please let me know your opinion and if any of you have modeling pics of either small model feel free to post as well.

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Jul 8, 2008
I love the Ballon Bleu, but my vote goes to the Tank Francaise. It's such a timeless classic!! Honestly though, you can't go wrong either way. Good luck choosing!! ;)


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Oct 30, 2007
I wanted a Tank for literally about 15 years, but when I finally got an opportunity to buy, I went with the Ballon. It is newer of course, but to me, it still has a super classic look, there's nothing trendy about it. I am completely happy with my decision.
I have both - the 2006 limited edition 10 year anniversary Tank Francaise with the hot pink/raspberry face in stainless (3000 were produced) and I just got the YG small Ballon Bleu with diamond bezel for an early anniversary gift.
I love both!
If both were in stainless, however, It would go for the BB as I find it easier to read, and I just love the ballon that covers the winder. Although newer, it definitely has a classic appearance.
What a terrible dilemma for you to be in!! Have fun deciding!


Mar 29, 2006
Personal taste, but in any case the Saks photos with the watches on wrists might not show the size accurately. It's crucial to see and try in person.

If it were my purchase it would be the BB, which I do believe is a new classic.