Help me choose - Cabas Mezzo or Cabas Alto


Feb 16, 2010
Northeast, USA
Hello everyone!
I recently discovered that the Cabas Mezzo has been discontinued. It's always been a bag that I've admired, but never quite had that innate urge to purchase. But of course, now that it's no longer being produced, my mind is on it all the time!

My boutique no longer has any more, nor does the online shop. However...thanks to Addy and Lee69, I've found some authentic, pre-loved Cabas bags on eBay. Now, here's where I need your help!

Should I get the Cabas Mezzo or Alto? I've found both bags on eBay in great condition. I'm actually more interested in getting a bag whose interior is in impeccable condition; the reason is that I'd like to replace the vachetta on it, and I figured I'd save some $$$ by buying a bag where the vachetta is a bit more worn, but the canvas and the interior are clean and scuff-free.

I"m a 5'5" lady who loves big bags, but I want this bag to be practical. I have the Neverfull GM and I can't really use that bag for everday use because it is so big! My everyday bag is the Palermo PM. I've seen photos of celebrities: it looks like Angelina Jolie has the Mezzo (which looks great on her), while Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love-Hewitt have been papped using an Alto...the Alto is lovely, but it's BIG! Maybe it's because they are thin ladies :smile:


Sep 20, 2008
I had the Alto years ago and used it as a diaper bag with my first baby, I sold it after I was done using it as a diaper bag because it was too large for my needs... but I did love it, in the end I probably should have held on to it.

For an every day bag I would say mezzo, it will hold plenty but not be too large for every day needs.


Lovin My Little Girl
May 23, 2007
If you think the neverfull GM is too big, then you should definitely go with the mezzo, or the piano for that matter.