help me choose--bucket, parioli, vavin, papilon

  1. I've narrowed down my short list and am looking for thoughts. This will be an everyday bag--I already have a speedy, bat. hor., and saleya pm. But, I am always looking for my next bag.

    I love the cabas piano, but think I've ruled that out because I couldn't keep that bottom clean.

    So...I'm considering the damier bucket, the damier papilon, the parioli or the mono vavin gm. Any thoughts? The open tops don't bother me, but wondering if the magnet top on the parioli gets to be a pain to get in and out of?

    On the vavin, is it too deep--hard to get to stuff at the bottom?

    Is the bucket too small?

    On the papilon--is it too unorganized with things kind of rolling around? (I usually put a purseket in my bags to keep them organized).

    Would love your thoughts....
  2. I think it depends on what your preference is. I for one, have the damier papillon and love it. I would go for that. I find my things don't really roll around in there and since I have the 26, it's smaller and don't have that much of a difficult time getting things out.

    If you're worried about getting the bottom dirty on the Piano, I would say nay to that one. I don't like the bucket b/c it's an open top and I don't feel that secure when I don't have a closure of some sort.

    The damier is "weatherproof" also so you don't have to worry about scuff marks, etc or going out in the rain.
  3. Hello ck21. I personally don't think a magnetic top on the Parioli would be a hassle to open and close (I prefer closed-top bags rather than open-top ones anyway).
    The bucket is a very good size for carrying average amounts of items. But if you intend on carrying alot of things - eg, binders, large hardcover books, maybe some grocery items, etc..., then the parioli would be the more practical choice.
    I don't think the vavin GM is too deep at all and think it's very easy to retrieve things from the bottom of the bag. But that's just for me personally. I think it's best for you to try on the vavin GM in the store yourself to see if the depth is ok for you.
    And as for the papillon, I don't think there'll be a problem with things "rolling around too much" because the papillon is still essentially not a "large" bag therefore movement of objects is restricted. It would be a different story if the papillon was the size of the riberaMM - then, there might be problem.

    Hope that answers all your questions!
  4. I have the damier bucket and even though it's a great bag, I think it's a bit on the small side. Depending on how much stuff you carry, I think the vavin GM would be great choice! You can put little things in the side pockets if you are worried about getting stuff out of the bottom.
  5. I have a damier papillon 26 and I love it! Nothing really rolls around in there, everything fits nicely and it's easy to get in and out of. The 26 size is more of a handheld bag. The 30 size can be carried on your shoulder.

    I love the Vavin GM, I was searching for one on eBay the other day. Someone here purchased it, and posted pictures. It looked great on her!

    My vote is for the damier papillon or the Vavin, both beautiful bags! :nuts:
  6. The bucket is a bit small, why don't you check out the large bucket for everyday? I have it and I love it. :biggrin:
  7. The larger bucket doesn't come in the damier, does it?

    For some reason, I prefer the bucket style and the papilon in the damier....
  8. The larger bucket is not available in damier. The larger bucket is only available in monogram canvas (and it's simply called the "bucket bag", not the "bucket GM" or "large bucket"). :smile:
  9. The petite bucket is definitely not a large everyday bag, but more of a handbag. You should check the other threads about the parioli's straps cracking. I don't have one but it did put me off from buying one. The papillon is a good choice- I'm looking for one in damier, but haven't decided on a size, and the vavin might be an even better choice if you want an everyday bag.

    I love the bucket, though. ADORE it is a better word :lol: .
  10. I have the bucket in damier (marais). I love it, but I agree with the others...if you want to store notebooks, folders, etc. that isn't the bag for you. The bag does come with a cosmetic bag. I think it is a cute bag. I don't have a problem with it being open b/c I carry it so that no one can reach it.
  11. I have had all of them at one time or another - here is something to think about. Do you want an inner zipped pocket to secure small items?
    Do you need easy access for your cell phone? These are the questions I ask when I am trying to decide between different styles.
  12. I agree the papillon shape is very cute and NO, nothing really roll around in there. The damier papillon is very cute in person too!Also it fits alot of stuff. The vavin looks good and look like it will fit a tons but depend on if you are big purse person and has alot of stuff to carry. I think they both are good.
  13. hey ya
    im gonna have to say damier papilon too, i've always liked this style for some reason! :smile: its different yet the bag can hold lots too!
  14. Papillon!