Help me choose - Brown Diamond Stitch Flap or Chocolate Jumbo Classic Flap?

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  1. Denise just sent me pictures of these two. The Grained Calfskin Diamond Stitch is the large size for $1850. Any thoughts? Here are the photos. The colors came out a little dark. I need a new brown bag!

    I also have the square vintage ligne tote on my wish list. I can only get one or my credit card will explode. Decisions! (Click to enlarge pics.)


  2. Is the hardware silver or gold? It looks silver so my opinion is based on that.

    imo I think the combo of brown/silver works better on the grained calfskin diamond stitch. brown/gold looks amazing for the classic flap. so my vote goes for diamond stitch
  3. Just love that jumbo chocolate flap, that gets my vote.. On our list jumbp flap in chocolate, plum, dark blue, and black.
  4. 1. Vintage ligne
    2. Diamond stitch (this is somehat flat, stiff IRL)
    3. Jumbo flap (I just don't love this one for some reason although I have seen it look nice on others)
  5. That is really good , the choclate/ gold combo!
  6. The hardware is silver on both bags. I am having such a hard time deciding. The jumbo is elegant. I thought Japs and others mentioned the grained calfskin not sitting right on the shoulder. Plus I might get sick of it a year from now whereas the classic flap is timeless. I'm thinking the big CC's might scratch on the flap. And the jumbo is less expensive. :biggrin:
  7. i would choose the square vintage ligne tote, the leather looks so squishy and soft!

    between the other two i like the diamond stitch flap better
  8. I love the flap. I'm not feeling the diamond stitch in that color.
  9. I tried the jumbo flap and large reissue bags...too flat for me...returned them...

    Others LOVE them!
  10. elongreach - I love your new avatar! That's hot! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks roey! It was time for something new. I gotta keep the girls guessing. :biggrin:
  12. I'm also wondering if the jumbo will hold more than the luxury flap. I need it to hold more.
  13. 2nd! its TDF.
  14. 1. Sq Vintage Tote
    2. Diamond Stitch
    3. Classic Flap
  15. I don't know. . . :shrugs:
    depends on what you carry I think. The Luxe flap is deeper front to bag and isn't as structured, the Classic Flap is a little flatter, so I think it depends on what you carry.