Help me choose! Botkier Bianca vs. Rebecca Minkoff MAB


Bianca in Olive or MAB in Royal/Basketweave?

  1. Keep the Bianca!

  2. Go for the MAB!

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  1. Here's the deal. I absolutely love the Botkier medium Bianca and I have one in cherry that is TDF. Since I love the style and size and leather and everything so much, I decided that I just had to snatch up another one before they are no longer available. So I got the last one that Saks had in Olive and paid full price + tax! :wtf:
    I got it a couple of days ago and as much as I love it, I'm not totally sure I "need" it in that color, especially for such a hefty price. I have been eyeing the RM MAB in Royal with basketweave for a while and don't want to miss the chance to get one. Problem is, I can't have it and the Olive Bianca. The RM would be ~$100 less than the Botkier. Should I return the Bianca and get the MAB? What to do, what to do? TIA for your help!

    Here are the pics:

  2. I had somewhat of the same problem. I decided to limit my bag buying this year. Darn those New Year Resoultion:tdown:. The Botkier was on my list of must haves and the RM was on the check it out list. I went to the get the Botkier and decided to wait until after the RM sample sale to make a choice. Long story short I now own a RM MAB and a Matinee. So much for limiting myself!!!

    There is something about the RM MAB that speaks more the the Botiker. Yesterday I was in Nordies and 2 SA's commented on my MAB. They said people have been calling for them and they are sold out. They did have a few Botkiers on the shelf.

    Plus you have a Botkier. Get the MAB I have seen the basketweave IRL and love it!!!!
  3. If the color of the MAB is more useful I would get it since you already have a Bianca. If you didn't have a Bianca I would recommend keeping it because it is a beautiful, yummy bag.
  4. Thanks for the votes and comments - keep 'em coming!!
  5. I voted for the MAB too. First, I really like the MA bags (I have 2 and 2 more coming!) and I don't personally care for the Bianca style, although I have a Bryant satchel that I adore. But beyond personal preference, the MA is a really simple shape that manages to change like a chameleon to match a larger variety of looks - dressy, casual, hip, work, etc. The Bianca is not as versatile IMO.
  6. i love the bianca.. it's nice color + nice shape & style.. i think you should keep it! :tup:
  7. I really like both bags, but I voted for the MAB. You already have one Bianca, so it's good to go with variety.
  8. I LOVE my Bianca, but I think you should get the MAB in royal/basketweave since you don't have it yet. Of course, I think the olive color is lovely and would probably be easier to coordinate with more outfits because of its more neutral color.
  9. I could never get myself to like the Bianca. I prefer the MAB, but I'm not crazy about that particular color.
  10. i vote for the botkier
    the RM looks kind like the balenciaga twiggy, although balenciaga does it better IMO
  11. go for the MAB
  12. I voted for MAB because it's gorgeous and since you already have the Botkier bag you should get something different. :smile:
  13. I voted MAB because it's gorgeous and you already have a Biance, albeit in a different colour.
  14. Mab!!!
  15. I'd go with the MAB on this one, even though I love both bags. The color combo on the MAB is really beautiful and makes it such a unique bag; you won't be disappointed!