help me choose black patent leather

  1. Those link to the same bag
  2. In this case, the Botkier.
  3. seems like the first link is sold out, so that would make it easy... ;)

    Have you seen this one btw? (Sorry if I made it harder again now) This one is soooo pretty!
  4. Love the Botkier!
  5. I love the Fendi, if price is not object - it's a lot more! I also love the Botkier.
  6. botkier
  7. I prefer the Botkier--but that is probably because the shape reminds me of the Balenciaga city which I love
  8. i like the botkier bag...
  9. I agree w/ abitobling. Botkier, but if price is no object, I'd buy the Fendi!
  10. Posting the pics for you...

    Zac Posen


    I prefer the Botkier.
  11. Thanks! I don't know where everyone got fendi from

  12. i like the botkier better
  13. I added the link to the fendi....
    but now that i've seen both pics, I like the zac posen! I personally don't like sagging bags...
    I've admired that zac posen several times on NAP before!