Help me choose black epi bag (w/pics)...

  1. purse1.jpg



    Which of these do you like best?
    1. pont neuf
    2. lockit
    3. alma

    I'm only 5' and a size US 14/16. Sorry for the horrible pics.

  2. I think the Alma looks best
  3. I like the lockit first, then the alma. Black epi is just so beautiful!
  4. like the alma best on you
  5. ..alma looks best...and it's not horrible pics:smile:
  6. alma!!!
  7. the alma looks great you on
  8. A bit surprised to find myself saying it (because I love the Pont-neuf), but I'd go for the Lockit ... I think the elongated shape looks flattering to your petite height.
  9. Alma!!!
  10. Alma! Hands down.
  11. Alma...
  12. Wow--I thought for sure that most ppl here would say "lockit" for the reasons pinkcupcake gave. I do adore the alma & love how the "pont neuf" is so different. Hmmm, now I guess I can at least narrow it down to 2...thanks for the opinions!
  13. Alma or lockit...your choice!!
  14. Maybe a lockit in one color & alma in another? LOL, I don't think DH would approve :rolleyes:
  15. :tup: :tup: :tup: to that!

    Get him something too so he won't feel left out? :yes: