Help me choose between...

  1. Mini Monogram Josephine or Perfo Speedy? The problem is I already have a white MC speedy which is the same size as Perfo Speedy. I also have Mono Speedy 25 which is the same size as Josephine. Would it be redundant to get a josephine or a perfo speedy? :wondering
  2. :heart: my mini mono josephine GM, i have both and in fact i carry my josephine GM more often..

    but then because perfo speedy is available for limited time only, it might be gone next time u fancy it.

    but for me, mini mono josephine GM is very practical and all weather bag

    HTH :flowers:
  3. Hm, which one seems to call your name more? I have two speedies and love them both! Although the perfo isn't really for me, you could totally rock it! I say try on both and go for the one that calls your name more :smile:
  4. oops! I mean Josephine PM.
    Ok, I'll see which one is more appealing to me ;)
    Thanks! :flowers:
  5. both
  6. Is the perfo speedy like a regular mono speedy? I mean, you can fold it or it is stiff like an epi speedy which you musn't fold it.
  7. JOsephine PM, very chic and classy......
  8. I'd pick the Josephine :smile:
  9. Perfo Speedy : )
  10. Perfo speedy because it's limited.
  11. Ohhh!! This is so confusing. I like Josephine PM because it is classy & it can be used as a shoulder bag. But the perfo speedy is limited & is almost gone now so I am thinking to get it, too. :shrugs:
  12. Josephine :yes:

  13. :yes: agree!!! :wlae:
  14. I think they all look so different, so it wouldn't be redundant at all! There's nothing wrong with getting similarly sized bags.

    Go for it!! :graucho:

    But, if you're worried about the styles being redudant, I'd say go for the Josephine PM since it looks nothing like a Speedy.
  15. perfo speedy :smile: