HELP ME CHOOSE between these...

  1. HI!

    I need your help again..

    I´ve decided to buy
    -black epi speedy 25 & love bandeau & black MC bandeau
    -only black epi jasmin

    which one to choose? help me..
    i love jasmin, the shape is so stylish and classic..but on the other hand i would get two lovely bandeaus also if I choose speedy..

  2. personally i would go w/jasmin b/c there are other lines of Speedy i prefer such as Azur or MC^^;
  3. Jasmin!
  4. The Black Speedy and Bandeau!!
  5. The speedy may be a better size, just because you can take everything with you, and it'd look lovely with the bandeau !
  6. I like both; however, you can get so much more if you decide on the speedy...
  7. ITA with Classic Chic. :yes:
  8. I prefer Jasmin.. I find the leather of the Epi speedy a bit hard, so you can get that crease in the middle towards the bottom of the bag if it's squashed, plus it's hard to get in and out of the speedy 25 as the opening is not as soft as the canvas (mono or damier)
  9. I vote for "black epi speedy 25 & love bandeau & black MC bandeau".

    Jasmin is gorgeous but it's uncomfortable to put my stuffs in and out.
  10. Black Epi speedy for functionality but I think a 30 would be better than a 25 :p
  11. I choose the Speedy.
  12. I say speedy. You get more for your money!
  13. Speedy is classic too, and you'll get two bandeaus!

    1000% Speedy!!!!
  14. Jasmin! :smile:
  15. Speedy and bandeaus