Help me choose between these two Weitzmans please!!

  1. It is very sad to admit, but i do not own a pair of black pumps. I have a pair of flats, slouchy flat suede boots, and a pair of horribly-uncomfortable sling-backs.
    I figured it was about time to stop being crazy and just buy a pair :lol:

    Which ones? (they are both the same price)

    I'm a size 4.5 and have issues with walking in anything 3 inches or above, so that's why i'm a bit worried about pair #2 (3 1/4 inch heel). Also worried that a round-toe will make my feet look even smaller..
  2. i too do not own a pair of black pumps, for me personally I choose the second pair, I love round toes and the thick heel make em more comfy and they don't make my feet look long...but in your case, I think the first pair will be more suitable for you since you have small feet!
  3. I like them both but for your first pair the first are more timeless.
  4. I like the first pair. I feel like the heel on the second pair is a little to chunky while the heel on the first is cute and feminine.
  5. I like the second pair, because I like the rounded toe.
  6. My vote goes to the first pair because it'll make your feet look longer and a shorter heel would be more comfy. Also, I'm not a huge fan of chunky heels. :p
  7. first pair. I've seen the second and although it is gorgeous, it is quite hard to walk in
  8. [​IMG]
    Love these!!
  9. I'd say this pair. More classic, will never look dated. And if you are unsure about the heel height on the other pair, it's not worth the trial & error, usually these hunches we get are right :smile:

  10. i go for the second since i prefer high heels ..
  12. 2nd pair
  13. I have to agree , first one!
  14. Thanks for the awesome help ladies! I can see now that the first pair is definitely more classic, and I would probably get more use out of them as well because of the lower heel. As much as I love the look of a chunky heel, that's helpful to know that the 2nd pair is hard to walk in (thanks darkblue!)
    I'm going to go with the first pair:yahoo:
  15. First pair. More timeless and classic.