Help Me Choose Between These Two Bags Please !!!

  1. Which one should I get: the Naviglio (Azur Messenger) or the gorgeous Bosphore Backpack.

    I don't have a Damier or Azur bag yet, but at the same time, nearly all of my bags are messenger already.

    The Bosphore Backpack is stunning, but I just recently bought a Montsouris. However, thats the only backpack I own and it would be nice to have another backpack in the family.

    So HELP PLEASE!!! I can't make up my mind. :sad:
  2. Naviglio I saw the regular damier one on someone today & it was gorgeous
  3. Naviglio gets my vote as well.

  4. me 3!!~
  5. me 4!
  6. LOL. No one seems to like the Bosphore Backpack, haha.
  7. I love the Bosphore! I think it's gorgeous and modern. One vote for the B here!
  8. Me too.
    Naviglio definately gets my vote as well.
  9. I love the NAVIGLIO..I keep almost buyin it..heehee..DO U have a pic of the backpack?
  10. Naviglio! Love it in Azur! I a little biased though LOL cuz I love messengers way more than backpacks!
  11. ITA!:nuts: Messenger are just so much easier to get in and out of than backpack:yes:
  12. Naviglio...not seen too often!!
  13. I choose naviglio.
  14. Naviglio :yes: