Help me choose between these two bags for my SIL please!

  1. My SIL asked me to buy her a "plain black purse but with some sort of detail on it." Any style - handheld or shoulder - doesn't matter, but no signature bags. She has always used hand-me-downs from her mom or bought a cheap bag at Walmart or wherever. She just had her 2nd kidney transplant and I want to surprise her with a gift and I'm buying the bag!

    She is 47, about 5'3" high and a bit overweight but she carries the weight well. She doesn't really have a lot of 'style' and prefers to wear clothes from JCPenny, Target and the occasional deal she finds in Walmart. :P To work, she always wears black pants and black shoes (cute ones, too!).

    So I need help deciding -- I've never purchased something for someone else and even though she asked me to, I'm having decision problems!

    I like both of these bags a lot and have narrowed it down after starting with about 30 various ones.

    This one is cute but I'm worried it might be too much for her style and yet it's my favorite (style is almost identical to LV Alma, too!):


    This one seems more practical -- had great reviews and was compared to the Gucci Horsebit Hobo:


    Any help and opinions very much appreciated! I gotta order this today to get it in time to visit her! THANKS!
  2. I like the 2nd one better but it doesn't have much detail to it. The 1st one looks good in the pic but when I went to the link I liked it less. The 1st one also looks a little more conservative while the 2nd one seems more casual, so maybe that may help you decide based on her personality.The 1st one also seems it may be easier to get into. But I still like the look of the 2nd one better.
  3. No: 2 :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for the thoughts! I'm starting to lean towards #2 as well now. I would prefer the Charles David satchel but I think her style is more the hobo...

    It's hard to find detail! Either it's way too much or hardly at all. :cry:
  5. Another vote for #2! :smile:
  6. I like #1 better, but from the description you gave of your SIL, I'm guessing she'd prefer #2. So, my vote is for #2.

    You are a VERY nice sister in law!!
  7. #2
  8. i agree that #2 seems more practical. #2!
  9. I like the 2nd one....
  10. I like #2, but, I have a bog an ex bought me that looks identical to that and it looks like it can be worn over your shoulder, but, it's a PITA to do so!! vs #1 looks like it would be worn by hand and hand only. So, I like #2, but, voting for #1 lol :smile:
  11. Thanks everybody!!!!

    I ordered both! :lol: #2 for my SIL and #1 for me. :shame:
  12. :roflmfao: I hope both you and your SIL enjoy your new bags!
  13. Ha ha! A true PF-er. :biggrin: Good for you!
  14. i like number 2.
  15. I love #1 and almost bought it last weekend! I have #2 in brown and it's not a great bag. The strap is very stiff and it kinda hurts to wear it over the shoulder.