Help me choose between these three crossbody bag girls! :) 2 lv's and a prada.

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  1. gals! I'm choosing between these three crossbody bags as I really need one for trips and also for just walking around the mall handsfree. What do you think? I'm petite and i'd say my style is urban chic on casual days. [​IMG]

    1) lv mono pochette bosphore: 10.2 x 10.2


    pros: classic piece!
    cons: vachetta is a hassle as i tend to get anal about it. kinda scared of strap feathering on the edges with time as it is cloth material.

    2) lv damier pochette melville 9.8 x 10.2


    pros: not common as it is a relatively new design, plus hassle free without vachetta. and if I travel with bf, he can carry it as well since it is unisex. love the strap too!
    cons: I dunno, maybe too mannish? but the size and is a little daintier than the bosphore.

    3) prada top handle tote with long body strap 9.3 x 11.5 x 3.5


    pros: on sale at 30% off. can be used as a top handle and color is black
    cons: not sure if the huge logo is nice, nylon material tends to get shapeless and full of creases with time. also, it may go further on sale the coming weeks. (not classic)

    So tell me what you think gals!!!

  2. #2: classic and modern, NOT mannish!
  3. I love the LV damier! very classic and def. not mannish!
  4. Either of the LVs...I think I like the Mono better though, and I think it's pretty unisex as well.
  5. I say go with the Damier, I've seen it in person and it's really quite lovely, not to mention understated. You won't be sorry.
  6. ^^ditto
  7. hi pixiedust,
    i like the first lv the best... like you, i think the second one looks manly and the prada has too big of a sign. (it also gives off a plain vibe ??)
  8. I like the LV mono ... the damier in that particular style does look a little mannish to me.
  9. depends on your look. i LOVE the prada... i have a similar one but in the calfskin leather. i love that i have the option to go crossbody when i'm running around, but can hold it for an evening out. you don't have the option with the LVs. it surprisingly doesn't look hokey going x-body with the prada... which is why i got it!
  10. One of the LV's. Will hold value more than the Prada.
  11. bosphore!
  12. My vote is for the damier. It's subtle and more unique. The Prada's bag logo is too in your face, IMO.
  13. The damier.
  14. :yes:
  15. HI.. I personally like #1 and #3, I don't care for the Damier line but thats me. I think # 1 is more chic... Good Luck!!!