help me choose between these fab shoes!

  1. hey guys!
    recently ive just bought TOO MANY shoes (because of sale everywhere ofcourse =P)
    im wanted to keep all my shoes =P but my mom told me to bring at least one pair im gonna take one back
    from my MANY MANY pairs of shoes ive chose the 3 pairs i think i like the least...
    the caramel ones are the ones which i do like but im afraid that theyll be "TOO MUCH" .."too fashionable" (sounds weird to me =P) but i mean like sometimes things are too much for at street..more something that celebs wear or for on the catwalk..know what i mean?=P
    and the other 2 i like the least because they are very lookalike =P so i thought because they look so much like eachother...maybe its better to take one pair back

    soo guys what do you think??which pair will go back?
    my caramel nine west

    another nine west
    or these zara black ones?

    please help me to choose !!=)
  2. I would take back the nine west black heels because they are too plain and not as nice as the zara heels!
  3. I completely disagree, of all of them IMO the zara ones would have to go back... and While I think the 2nd pair is a classic shoe, I'd probably take those back as well and wait for a better designed classic black peep toe to come out this spring. I do, however think the camel ankle boots are keepers! They look nice with the jeans and aren't too "catwalk" for you to wear:p
  4. i agree. keep the caramels then chose between the two black heels. they are very similar and overlap too much in their usefulness...
  5. Would say that too!
  6. i think yay for the boots and the zaras but return the nine west slingbacks. i think the heels are a little too chunky that it might be considered too trendy.
  7. ^^ :yes: I'm with JRed.
  8. I don't like the thick heel on the nine west pumps. The other ones are hot, esp the booties.
  9. I choose the black nine west shoes..
  10. shoe boots
  11. I love the booties. What is the style name?
  12. Zara shoes
  13. zara shoes!
  14. Keep the caramel Nine West ones!! :drool: And pick between the two black ones.
  15. Return the nine west black ones. They look weird.