help me choose between these chloes...

  1. hi all :smile: i'm normally on the MJ forum, but am suddenly craving a chloe (hmm, could be the sale at aloha ;) )

    anyway, trying to decide between the edith loaf and something called the edith conteen. anyone have any input?? i'm also wondering about the color on the conteen - the site says ecru, but it looks light grey to me. and can you put it over the shoulder? i know you can't do that with the loaf....

    any help would be fabulous, thanks ladies!!


  2. get the edith loaf so pretty in whiskey mmm
  3. I'm not sure about whether the Conteen will fit over the shoulder, it looks like it would, but it might be hard to get in and out of because of the flap on the front.

    I vote for the Edith Loaf, since that's what I just ordered :smile:
  4. on, the model shows it on her shoulder! go check it out! I prefer the loaf, too...
  5. I got the loaf too. But now I want the conteen... The loaf seems impractical coz of the size. Too small for school? The conteen looks good on the NM model.
  6. I prefer the loaf as well! Keep us posted!
  7. I just spoke with a customer service rep at AR and she said we can cancel or change our order as long as it has not shipped out...I ordered last night and she said it will ship Monday... just in case, u do really want a conteen instead...! :yes:
  8. Thanks for that! Umm...ah... I dunno! Oh...which one? Loaf is so cute, but if I can only fit my purse in there then... If it wasn't for customs tax, I would get both.
  9. ^ I also vote for the loaf coz it's so cute and that size is perfect for me (the medium edith is too big for my petite frame).

    My delimma was which color - chocolate or whiskey? But I ended up ordered the chocolate, hope it is yummy...
  10. I'd pick Loaf
  11. Loaf!
  12. The loaf is very very adorable. I saw it the last time I was at NM in whiskey. It is the perfect size for the Edith, IMO since the regular can be somewhat large (even the medium). If you do go the loaf route I personally think you can't go wrong with whiskey or chamois.

    Good luck!
  13. can't you tell them to ship it separately? that way the total does not exceed the taxable customs?
  14. good idea to buy them seperately. Even though you will have to pay two lots of shipping fees, it will still work out less than the customs, and you can play around with both and see which one works better for you :smile:
  15. Oooh - that last idea is a goodie, but I would then be tempted to keep both, which would be BAD for me. But otherwise - go with the loaf. But my wardrobe has lots of browns in it. - Go with what you think you will use most, or if that doesn't work, what calls to you the most. :P