Help me choose between cartier and Vca

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Help me choose!!

  1. VCA sweet clover bracelet

  2. Cartier sweet trinity bracelet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. This month I'll be able to order one of the pieces on my WISHLIST
    I'm stuck between the VCA sweet Alhambra clover bracelet or the Cartier sweet trinity bracelet
    I would like both but have to choose which to buy first
    Help me!!!!
    Which would look better layered with my bracelets
    I posted a photo in the gold Tiffany pieces thread of how I wear my bracelets currently I will add the photo here later as im on the iPod right now :smile: thanks everyone
  2. I voted for the Cartier. Both are great however.
  3. I voted for VCA because I just think the design is more feminine and recognizable, plus I'm biased because I have one. I think both are terrific choices!
  4. Vca!
  5. I voted VCA but really had a hard time choosing between the two
  6. VCA sweet!
  7. Vca
  8. My vote is for the vca as well... but both are pretty. You can't go wrong with either. Good luck!
  9. I was more leaning towards the VCA anyway your all just pushing me back on track in the right direction as I know I need this piece :smile:
  10. Vca!
  11. I absolutely love Cartier, its my favourite jewlery house, I also own the VCA sweet so its a tough choice.
    I voted VCA because I adore the sweet clover bracelet and I think I prefer other Cartier pieces a little bit more.. JMO :smile: