Help me choose between black and white


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  1. Black

  2. White

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  1. I have been away from LV forum for a while and I have noticed an increase in price !!

    I want to buy a Suhali Medium S lock bracelet but I couldn't decide which color to choose. Could you please help me choose?

    I also have this type of bracelet in white multicolor but I didn't wear it often. Maybe only 2 times since I bought it many years ago as I'm afraid of patina will getting dirty.

    I think white will goes well with my bags (as most of my bags are not in black) but you know it is similar color to those multicolor one. Anyway, as I have stated I couldn't use my multicolor one that much so the new white one maybe good to replace.

    Any thought? Please. The Black one is OK too but Is it look so manly?

    Thanks a lot !!
  2. I figured black could be worn all year long and since you have the white mc why not go with black...maybe you'll use it :smile:
  3. ^^^ yeah I agree, since you already have the white MC, maybe you should try the black this time.
  4. I vote for the black:tup:
  5. Another BLACK vote. :yes:
  6. Seems like the Black won :smile:
  7. Go for the black. I have the white MC S-lock too and I know what you mean about the vachetta. I love it, but I am super careful. I have the black MC koala Bracelet and it's alot easier to take care of.
  8. Black!
  9. yes, my vote is black
  10. i went for the white. and i'd much prefer the white since like you said it is easier to match with your bags. BUT the white suhali can get very dirty i hear..... so maybe black is a better option? maybe you should sell the multicolor bracelet on eBay and from whatever you make off of that buy a white suhali and a black one too. lolol!! :amuse:
  11. I vote black also.
  12. I vote for white :smile:
  13. Black's cute. :tup:

    How much do they retail currently?
  14. black, you can use it year around
  15. Another vote for the black