Help me choose between 2 Bbags please!

  1. Hi everyone

    Not sure if I've introduced myself yet, but my name is Christina and I'm starting to become Bbag obsessed!

    I just recently won a brand new 07 ivorie makeup clutch on eBay! YAY!

    Now I'm having a hard time deciding between two bags...which ones would you guys recommend for a person just starting out their Bbag collection?

    I'm thinking about buying a:

    brand new 07 ivorie twiggy from Diabro or
    a slightly use 05 calcaire twiggy

    I'm soo in love with the calcaire color, but the ivoire is brand new..i don't know! Right now i'm leaning toward buying both, but the holidays is coming up :sad:
  2. Go with '05 if it's in great condition. That 05 leather is TDF!
  3. Because calcaire and ivory are both light colored bags, I'd go for the brand new ivory twiggy. The color is gorgeous and the leather has been excellent from this season. Also, if you plan to use your clutch inside your bag, the two will go together nicely.
  4. Thank you ladies!

    CandyJanney, it's in relatively good condition, with a couple of scratches and scruffs...

    The only thing is that the calcaire twiggy cost more than the ivorie twiggy....that's why I'm leaning toward the ivorie more because I get a brand new bag for less of a price. And as Cracker said, it'll match my new makeup clutch perfectly!

    The only thing that's holding me back from clicking "add to cart" is that I heard 2005 has amazing leather and that calcaire is a pretty rare color. I'm just worried that I won't be able to buy another one like it anytime soon :/

    Sorry for my rambling..I'm just soo excited!
  5. Welcome to the obsession :grauhco:

    If this is your first bbag (clutch not withstanding) I would say go for a new one. :yes:

    Although I would caution about the white/light colored bbags not being for the feint of heart. They are higher maintenance (IMHO) than other treated leather brands. However, they are truly devine and totally *pop* when you wear them.
  6. Go with the used 05 calcaire!
  7. Hmwe46- I have a MJ ivory stam, is it same maintenance or even more? I probably won't use this bag as an everyday bag....I have a speedy that I like to "abuse" heh.

    I would also need to look up in this forum for leather preventive care for whichever bag I choose.

    Sigh...why does it have to holiday season already?!
  8. I think it's probably more prone to dirt and scuffing than an MJ stam.

    If you are hard on bags (my Mom can't *look* at a bag without getting it dirty, LOL, bless her heart) then I would recommend getting a darker color.

    If you are gentle on bags then go for it: I adore the light/white bbags :love:

    Check out the Reference section for Care & Feeding tips on keep light bbags clean. :tup:

    PS. If you are attracted to the Ivory and the Calcaire because of the relatively low prices and not because you want another white/light bag, I would say hold off for a color that you really love; with the holidays coming up you might find a bargain when you are least expecting it ;)
  9. hmwe...actually I love lighter color bags..i wanted a white bbag but it seems to be really high maitenance than the ivory.

    After this purchase I would also like other colors (teal, turquoise, RT, noir...and the list goes on)...hopefully you're right and I might get a steal of these other brighter colors too!

    I'm really just worried about finance because not only the holidays but my BF b-day is coming up :/

    I think I'm just gonna put the calcaire on layaway and buy the ivorie...thanks ladies!

    yay for indeciveness :yahoo: hehe
  10. Enjoy the ivory-- i think it's such a pretty color! (AND what a steal:graucho:)
  11. bbags look great in light colors. That being said, I can't get them myself (at least not super light) since I'm too worried I'll freak. That's why I need people (like yoU!!!) to post pictures and to feed my light-bag-love visually. Can't wait for the pics!
  12. I second that!:tup:
  13. Welcome! :smile:

    My opinion, CALCAIRE ALL THE WAY!
    *and this is coming from a calcaire lover :love:

    Also you said it that you are soo in love with the calcaire colour..I think you should go with whichever you love more rather than the cheaper one because in the end (*from my personal experience) you might always wonder if you should've bought the calcaire..:yes:
  14. I, too, think that you should go with the brand new ivory since light bags have a tendency to show wear, as well as darken/yellow with time. Plus, the ivory bags are a STEAL on diabro!! And I think the ivory looks GORGEOUS with most clothes- nice pop against dark winter clothes. :smile:
  15. ^^ ditto!!! :tup: