Help me choose before price increase.

  1. Any Chanel model is exactly what I want? :confused1:

    I want a Chanel flap bag same size as east/west but double chain, in lamb or calf skin and silver hardware. :smile:

    First, I saw perfo flap bag and think that it is exactly what I want but the little holes made me think twice.

    I post few threads over this week but couldn't find exactly what I want. Please, help! I want to buy it before price increase. :push:

    ** One more outside Chanel question. Is anyone know the price of Bottega Veneta tote handbag in pink which came out recently? **

    and what about Chanel bag in the showing photo? I love this style of bag but in pink patent leather with silver hardware. Anyone know about the price of this?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. I'd get a classic flap, as none of the other stuff you mentioned will be going up in price.
  3. which bottega in pink? I think all styles are available in pink for this coming season, but I might be wrong. check or for prices on bottega.

  4. Thank you!