Help me choose: batignolles or damier speedy 25?

  1. Which one to get and why?:confused1:
  2. batignolles! It's very cute with monogram pattern..look classic and stylish!
  3. They're two totally different styles of bags.

    I like both.
  4. damier speedy 25!
  5. it depends if you prefer mono or damier, personally i LVove damier much more than mono, but the batignolles is such a sweet little bag. It does have an open top however!
    IMO, damier speedy, cus im getting one this saturday lol!
  6. damier speedy with strap because the pattern is soooooooooooo sleeeeek.........
  7. Damier Speedy 25! :nuts: my fave damier bag!
  8. I'm not crazy about the batignolles so I say get the Speedy 25. You wont regret it! I love it! Its so cute and chic!
  9. Prefer the Speedy!
  10. Batignolles... unique shape!
  11. hm... i prefer the damier speedy 25 just because I don't like to deal with sweaty palms on the vachetta (unless you are going to get horizontal or vertical).
  12. damier speedy25 it's a worry free bag.Very classy IRL
  13. I would get the bat. first and later in the fall get the damier speedy. Your vachetta will get beautiful if you carry it a lot this summer.
  14. I have both & the batignolles is so much my favorite!
    I carry the damier speedy when the weather is drizzly.
  15. I have both but I use the BH more. It holds more and it is more comfortable to wear than a Speedy (handheld).