help me choose b/w Chanel wallet in lamb vs Lv vernis Roxbry Drive

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get the Roxbury or the Chanel wallet in Lamb

  1. get LV Roxbury

  2. Get the Wallet in Lamb skin

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  1. I post this question is hoping no bias in the one..... Should I keept the Chanel Lamb wallet or exchange for Lv Vernis Roxbury Drive bag...

    I know there is a different one is a wallet and one is a bag.....
  2. bump this up ...see lots of vote for the Chanel .....any comments from you gals.....
  3. Chanel has many types of lambskin wallets in different sizes. I think it would be helpful if you'll post pictures of the Chanel wallet you're interested in. This way you'll probably get more opinions.

    Also important to know: is the Chanel wallet as expensive as the LV Roxbury Drive?
  4. will post pic tonight.
  5. I'd get the LV...I can't imagine a lambskin wallet being all that durable....
  6. I tried to upload my pic but keep having error on page...why??