Help me choose...Azur 30 Speedy or Saleya?


    I need help with a decision...What fits my life better.:confused1:

    1. I am a mom first off, a 9 year old, also 28 year old living away with small child..we visit often...very busy all together...child and grandchild are close like sisters..this means...BIG BAG for me...Lots of gadgets to carry at all times.!! I must be ready for anything!!

    2. Working full time in an office setting. 4 days a week.

    3. Live in cold weather climate...LOTS of rain, snow in winter.

    4. I am 5 foot 5 in...weight is 165...(I've tried the A Wellbutrin diet...doesn't work...just kidding...really) currently planningon losing at least 10 in a month...:P

    5. My Fave...FAVE bag is my Damier ALMA...:yahoo: LOVE IT< LOVE IT>> it's my true love...I LOVE DAMIER.

    6. Second love is my 30 Mono Speedy...LOVE it, however can't bear to have it rained or snowed I baby it!! I will haul out the dooneys to protect it!LOL

    7. My going out bag is Bronze verise thomspon or Damier make up bag that doubles as all time excellent bag!! that rare occurence is covered!!!

    8. Birthday, Christmas gift (oct bd) needs to be decided...ASAP...DH loves both...I need to decide now...need your help!

    9. What fits my life??? I Love the speedy is the Saleya look, however, my SA is so far away and all she ever advises is buy...LOL, I need neutral...

    Looking at the azur speedy or saleya pm or mm??? What are the benefits..?

    Thanks for all input..:idea:
  2. i'd go with the saleya mm if i were you.....

    you already have a speedy 30 and the saleya in azur is TDF!!!!!
  3. nothing wrong about getting another speedy 30 but i would suggest you get the Azur Saleya MM :yes:
  4. I agree. I think the Saleya MM would be a good choice for you. Have you considered the Saleya GM? Someone posted pics of hers recently(with the cutest Mini pochette dangling from it). It might work for you as well.
  5. Saleya.. just because I think you have your hands full already. I believe a shoulder bag would suit you better.

    Good luck with your decision!
  6. yeah agree, saleya
  7. I agree...Saleya MM. BUT you will have to baby the handles
  8. Saleya!
  9. I vote for saleya too:yes:
  10. I agree with Selaya!
  11. Looking at your lifestyle...Saleya but in Damier since it rains a lot and snow.
  12. Saleya!!!
  13. id go for the saleya pm...looks great on the shoulder, in the crook of the arm and handheld!! roomy too!
  14. Saleya :smile:
    As you have a Speedy. But I love the Azur Speedy choice also!!
  15. any model of saleya would fit u perfectly....u seem like u need something that can be carried on ur spare both ur hands for something else :smile: